Transylvania Live expert in Transylvania

Transylvania Live’s Halloween in Transylvania with Vladthe Impaler, the literary Dracula tour, was placed by the prestigious Fodor’s Travel Guide in Top Ten Must-Do Adventures.

The Ritual Killing of the Living Dead, a happening performed in most of the tours, created according with old transylvanian traditions is an amazing event and was featured by Travel Channel.

Transylvania Live's Dracula Tours were included by Lonely Planet in  The world’s best vampire-spotting locations.

Here’s how Professor Duncan Light from Liverpool Hope University describes the company: "Your company is one of the few that understands the Western market for Dracula. Your product appears to be very innovative! For many Romanians Dracula means Vlad Tepes but for people from the UK, America etc. it means of course the vampire Dracula. I agree with those people who say that Dracula is a way to get foreign tourists into Romania creating an opportunity to show them all the other things the country can offer. "