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Whale Conservation in The Azores

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Start Dates are the 1st and 15th of every month between April and July. 

Faial Island is one of the best destinations for encountering whales and dolphins in the entire world.

The Great Whale Project combines conservation research with ecotourism, and as a whale conservation volunteer, you will help to conduct touristic whale watching operations where you could encounter as many as 25 different species of whale and dolphin. Species include the stunning fin, sei and sperm whales, along with the biggest animal to ever roam the planet, the blue whale! 

This whale and dolphin conservation project is run by a team of marine biologists who have been conducting whale photo- ID studies in the Azores for over 10 years and focuses mainly on the individual identification of blue and sperm whales.  

Dive in and be part of the cause! Secure your place to volunteer to aid whale conservation today... 

Project Activities  

On this project, you will get the chance to take part in a wide variety of exciting activities. Below are examples of some of those included in this project.

You will spend time out on the boat helping with tourists and monitoring the species of whale and dolphin you encounter. You will help to gather data on the different kinds of species encountered along with various aspects of their ecology. 

Marine Knowledge
You will learn a great deal about marine biology, knowledge which you will also impart to tourists. You will explore the conservation issues and pressures the marine ecosystem here faces, and also learn how to identify different species of Cetacea.

Boat Skills
You will pick up a new skill by learning your way around the boat and assisting with duties such as health and safety checks, post-trip cleaning and more. You will truly be a master at sea! 

Work with tourists
You will develop your own whale watching naturalist skills, as well as assist in the education of the whale species to tourists on board and the general public. This is your chance to educate locals and tourists about the importance of whale conservation and in which ways they can help to better preserve the ecosystem. 

Data Analysis
You will catalogue and analyse the data that you collect whilst out on the boat such as surveys, videos and photographs and sound recordings. Volunteers also help with the day to day running of the office such as taking bookings and assisting guests where necessary.  

Photo Identification 
Whale volunteers will help to take pictures of the marine life encountered so that they can be identified later on. This data contributes to cetacean research being conducted in the North Atlantic. 

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