Ramblers Walking Holidays


Some things have changed in the last seventy years. Back then we recommended that 'nail boots must be warn' on our holidays.

And some things haven't. Like our passion for the best walking. With Ramblers Walking Holidays, you could find yourself discovering over 110 of the world's most interesting destinations.

What's more, our holidays are created to be accessible and suitable for walkers for every level of fitness, experience and ability too.

And of course, our leaders are still as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as they've ever been.

Your next journey with us starts here.

Walking delivers a unique feeling of freedom and adventure. whether you're ambling through countryside with nothing but the sound of birdsong above and the gentle crunch of hiking boots underfoot, or trekking to breath-stealing altitudes to cast your eyes on stunning peak and lake panoramas, nothing matters but the journey ahead.

At Ramblers Walking Holidays, we understand the joy of a path less trodden, and we can take you and your feet on some truly memorable journeys both in the UK and around the world. From 'That time we explored the Canadian Rockies' to 'The day we strolled the Riviera coastline of Italy's Cinque Terra' our intimate, expertly led, group walking adventures will become unforgettable stories you will share for years to come.

Not only do we offer an extensive repertoire of destinations you just must ramble, but our commitment to innovation means that there are always some new countries and landscapes to ethically tread.

Our walking grades range from leisurely to moderate to challenging so you can set your pace. We also offer a range of special interest enhanced holidays so you can indulge other passions, from birds to history along the way.

Always a welcome sight after a day's walk, our hand -picked accommodation changes from spa hotels to mountain huts. Along side your meals  all local transport, airport surcharges and more, it's just another thing that makes our Which? Recommended Provider holidays not only unforgettable , but such great value for money and they are guaranteed against currency surcharge. Plus, every holiday you take supports charitable causes near and far.   

Combine walking with a special interest perhaps?
Whilst walking is pretty much as fulfilling as an activity can be - we like to enrich some of our holidays with an added element of interest:

Pioneer - these are our more adventurous holidays, well off the beaten track and typically long haul. 

Continuous Walks - These holidays take you on a longer distance, linear walk that is usually based from one of our hand picked hotels.

Hutting - a unique type of holiday involving trekking and high grade walking in some of Europe's most famous mountain ranges.

Rail & Walk - travel cross - country both on foot and by train and watch stunning landscapes unfold before you.

Flora & walking holidays - these will appeal to gardeners, nature lovers and photographers alike. Following an unhurried pace with walks from easy to intermediate level, you will have plenty of time to appreciate some of nature's finest wild blooms.

Sightseeing - experience -rich walking itineraries to suit those interested in sightseeing and history. All holidays include a knowledgeable guide. 

Bird watching & walking -  great holidays for our feathered friend enthusiasts. On every walk you'll be provided with a Swarovski Optik telescope.

Lifestyle, culture & natural history - in addition to satisfying walks, you'll be led to local sites of interest as well as given the chance to absorb the natural beauty of your surroundings, immerse yourself in the local culture and where possible, sample local cuisine and wines. 

To mark the anniversary of Ramblers Holidays we've given ourselves a fresh new look.

Don't forget all our holidays have small, friendly groups
There’s no better way to interact with the world and gain a deeper understanding of your surroundings than in a small group of like-minded travellers with a knowledgeable leader. We size our informal groups to suit each individual holiday – usually 10-20 people and high grade holidays are generally limited to 18.

Great for solos
Our holidays are renowned for being friendly, fun, welcoming experiences. Our small groups frequently include a significant number of single travellers, each with a passion for walking and the outdoor life.

Great for private groups
Are you a member of a club or do you want to travel with a group of friends? Our dedicated private group team can tailor a specific walking programme just for you.