Experience Travel

If you’re looking for a company who know Sri Lanka and South East Asia inside out, who can help you plan an amazing trip, provide the best local hotels guides and real experiences, Experience Travel are the company for you.

In a nutshell we offer tailor-made holidays to the beautiful countries of Vietnam, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

We can offer any level of accommodation from remote eco lodges, to luxury boutiques and the price will always be extremely competitive and tailored to your budget.

Our consultants have an unrivalled knowledge of the regions we cover and we are not interested in trying to cover too wide an area and lose this specialist know how. We have visited, photographed, reviewed and thoroughly acquainted ourselves with every hotel and destination on our website. The advice we give you is guaranteed to be honest and independent. We have staff based in country and we are constantly updating our knowledge so we can better help you.

We take great pride in the quality of the holidays we provide, aiming to exceed your expectations every time. For us, your experience is everything and we ensure everything is as straightforward as possible so you can get on with enjoying the country and the travel.Our local guides and local offices ensure that every process is interesting, smooth, fun and easy. We build in as much flexibility as possible so you can be as independent as you like whilst still enjoying the insights a quality guide can bring.

By calling or emailing us you will be making the first steps towards this great holiday experience. From that moment on we aim to make the whole process as enjoyable and fun as we plan your travel together. We are certain that our commitment to getting you this perfect holiday at a price that suits, is unmatched by our competitors.