Mundy Adventures

Mundy Adventures are an adventure and expedition cruise specialist offering the best in luxury adventure holidays to some of the most breathtaking places on earth that are only accessible by water. 

We opened our doors as Mundy Cruising over forty years ago as a cruise only retailer just at the time most pundits were predicting that owing to the advent of the jet plane, cruising was dead. We were the first to do it; it was an adventurous decision. And since then we have always been happy to travel our own path, selling the best of holiday experiences to the most discerning travellers. So when cruising became mainstream, we didn’t. Instead we continued to focus on our exclusive niche – travel by water for people who want something a little bit different…

More recently we set up Mundy Adventures because we wanted to sell holidays that excited our more adventurous side. We have long known that some of the most breath-taking places on earth can only be reached by water, travelling to areas with no tourist infrastructure, by taking you infrastructure with you.

We don’t operate our own expedition ships – we leave that to the experts in each of the regions we visit. What WE do is help you identify the right ship or expedition for you, take care of the logistics of getting to the ship, and enhance your trip by adding on land programmes before and after your expedition. And once we have created, in partnership with you, the perfect hand-made holiday to exactly your specifications, we protect you through our ATOL license, to give you peace of mind should anything go wrong.