"As an Intrepid traveller you are not your average tourist. You will leave behind international hotels, air-conditioned buses and tourist masses. Instead, you will escape to beautiful countryside, remote beaches and stay in tranquil guesthouses run by local families."

Darrell Wade, CEO of Intrepid Travel

For travellers with a yearning to get off the beaten track, Intrepid opens up a whole new world of adventure travel.

With a huge variety of tours available, Intrepid travellers explore the world’s most amazing places - from the back streets of Asia, to the wilds of Africa, the colourful landscapes of Latin America, the picturesque National Parks on North America, and the ancient cultures of Australasia.

Come with us to discover real people, real cultures & incredible real life experiences along the way.

* Small groups, real experiences

* Freedom & flexibility

* Real value

* Innovative & interactive itineraries

* It’s all in the journey!

* Guaranteed departures

* Responsible travel

We think that the smaller the group, the better the experience, and that’s why we limit the numbers on every Intrepid trip. It means you get to experience more of the local culture - something that’s not always possible in a larger group or by yourself.

Behind every great Intrepid trip is a great local leader. Their enthusiasm, versatility and knowledge of local culture is second to none - in most cases because they’re taking you around their home country!

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Our top 200 trips

Best of Morocco Family Holiday

From: £650.00

Take your family to experience the best of Morocco's many highlights. With incredible food, bustling markets, Hollywood's favourite film sets, windswept dunes and even a camel ride, there'll be som...

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Best of Nicaragua

From: £846.00

With a nickname like the ‘land of lakes and volcanos’, a trip to Nicaragua wouldn’t be complete without plenty of time spent at both. Tick both boxes by visiting Ometepe Island, a lush, rainforest-...

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Zanzibar to Nairobi

From: £1240.00

Cross the stunning scenery of Tanzania - full of incredible wildlife and fascinating cultures - on this East African adventure. From the pristine beaches of Zanzibar, across the lush slopes of the ...

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Broome to the Bungle Bungles

From: £859.00

A region of astounding natural beauty and great spiritual significance, Western Australia's Kimberley region is Australia untamed. And while the roads here can be rough and distances between attrac...

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Real Delhi to Kathmandu

From: £592.00

Head from bustling Delhi to remote Tordi, get down and dirty with the best street food, gape at the Taj, cruise down the holy Ganges in Varanasi, hang in Buddha’s hometown (Lumbini), search for slo...

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India's Golden Triangle- For Solo Travellers

From: £560.00

Visit India and follow the famous Golden Triangle. On this adventure, designed for solo travellers only, enjoy the perfect introduction to India's three most popular destinations - Delhi, Agra and ...

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Arctic Express: Greenland's Northern Lights - Fly North, Fly South

From: £5100.00

Love to experience the natural wonders of Eastern Greenland but short on time? This here’s your trip. Starting and finishing in Reykjavik, this Arctic adventure substitutes the long sea voyages wit...

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Borneo : Hike, Bike & Kayak

From: £1228.00

Borneo’s Sabah region is a natural paradise of steamy rainforests, towering mountains and beautiful beaches. This trip will get you active as you cycle through small villages, ascend to the summit ...

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Morocco Family Holiday with Teenagers

From: £635.00

This heart-thumping adventure will have the family mountain biking down the slopes of the Atlas Mountains and horse riding on the white sandy beaches of Essaouira. Together experience the hospitali...

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Cycle the Balkans

From: £1040.00

Get your legs moving on a Balkan cycling adventure from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo. Taking in stunning scenery on the coast and inland, this trip will take you riding through three fascinating countries...

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Explore Croatia

From: £1075.00

Visit Croatia. Travel from Dubrovnik to Split along the Dalmatian coast. Idyllic beaches, ancient ruins and some serious old-world charm are just some of the highlights of this island-hopping adven...

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Kathmandu to Delhi

From: £1205.00

Embark on an adventure through Nepal and India, from the rich wildlife of the Himalayan foothills, across to the sacred River Ganges via the birthplace of Buddha. At key destinations between Kathma...

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Rio de Janeiro Stopover

From: £320.00

See the best of Rio de Janeiro with this Stopover tour. Get under the skin of this bustling metropolis, laze away on the stunning beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, stand in the shadow of the iconi...

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Armenia & Georgia Real Food Adventure

From: £1320.00

Discover the punchy, herbaceous flavours of Armenia and Georgia on this food adventure. Sitting on the cusp of the Middle East and Eastern Europe, these two countries bring a knowledge, pride and t...

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Six Days in Cambodia

From: £229.00

Less than a week to see the most important stuff Cambodia has to offer? This trip has you covered. Hang in Phnom Penh where you can hoover up some street food, burl around in a cyclo and see some o...

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Cambodia & Vietnam Experience

From: £1232.00

From the cool calm of rural villages to the steaming chaos of thriving cities, experience the diversity of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Along the way, revel in the sheer beauty of the landscape,...

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Taj Mahal Extension

From: £430.00

Journey to India’s famous Taj Mahal, a majestic monument to love. Built by a Mughal emperor as tribute to his late wife, this incredible structure continually astounds visitors with its inspiring a...

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Jordan & Egypt Uncovered

From: £1850.00

From the mayhem of city souqs to the serenity of the endless desert, be invigorated by the fearless spirit of biblical prophets, dashing explorers and powerful pharaohs. Take in vibrant modern citi...

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Road to Zanzibar

From: £1364.00

Explore the road to Zanzibar and find a bevy of sights, sounds and experiences that surprise and delight at every turn. Whether you’re looking out for lions in the Serengeti or hiking a lush mounta...

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Mekong Delta Farmstay

From: £135.00

With its meandering waterways and flourishing farms, the Mekong Delta is a place not to be missed. Venture out through this iconic landscape and discover riverbanks dotted with coconut palms swayin...

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Highlights of Azerbaijan & Georgia

From: £1401.00

Visit two countries that have taken a big leap into the 21st century, where historical old towns and monasteries sit comfortably alongside towering skyscrapers. Visit one of Europe's largest open-a...

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Discover Classic Turkey and Northern Cyprus

From: £1840.00

Discover Turkey in all its ancient glory during this eight-day journey beginning in Istanbul. Travel to the Aegean resort town of Kusadasi before exploring the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, then ho...

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Barcelona to Rome

From: £2092.00

Lose yourself in three of Europe's most enchanting countries. From the vibrant streets of Barcelona, travel into the heart of the picturesque Spanish Pyrenees. Discover Provencal food and world-cla...

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Perth to Darwin Overland

From: £2455.00

Journey through the jaw-dropping landscape of North and Western Australia into the heart of the Outback, on this incredible Darwin to Perth tour. Discover the rugged beauty of the Bungle Bungles, h...

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Sardinia & Corsica Sailing Adventure

From: £1158.00

Set sail across some of the clearest, bluest water on earth on this relaxing nautical adventure in Italy. Island-hop from Portisco to Bonifacio, stopping to snorkel among the coves of Caprera, swim...

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Explore South America

From: £4200.00

24 April 2018 – Due to an unexpected change on the bus schedule between San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) and Salta (Argentina), from the 5th of May 2018, this trip will spend one less night in San Pedr...

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Treasures of Galapagos: Western & Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

From: £5756.00

Embark on an immersive journey through the Galapagos Islands and experience the best of the western and central regions. Visiting isles such as Santa Cruz, Isabela, Floreana, Plaza Sur, Espanola an...

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Nepal Family Holiday with Teenagers

From: £1245.00

For centuries, Nepal has been luring travellers with its snow-capped peaks and the tales of adventure that come from ‘the roof of the world’. Now, your family can see what all the fuss is about on ...

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Outback & Kangaroo Island Adventure ex Yulara

From: £855.00

Capture the sprit of the Australia and witness its diversity on this adventure from the heart of the Outback to the tip of Kangaroo Island. From Alice Springs to Adelaide, take a tour around Uluru ...

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Northern Peru

From: £1254.00

Unlock the secrets of the Andes on this adventure, discovering lost cultures and landscapes in the process. Embark to the towering Gocta Falls, a place undiscovered by the first world right up unti...

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Costa Rica Family Holiday with Teenagers

From: £1425.00

Travel to Costa Rica on a tailored family tour and experience a country that’s brimming with natural beauty and adventure activities. Hike to a crater lagoon, soak in hot springs, gaze at precious ...

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Real Thailand

From: £1070.00

Leave behind the hordes of backpackers in crowded Bangkok and head into parts of Thailand that lots of travellers never see. By the time they’re up and ready to shake off last night’s hangover, you...

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Big Apple to Chicago

From: £945.00

See all that The United States’ east coast has to over on an adventure through the nation’s sprawling metropolises and unspoiled nature reserves. Starting in New York and finishing in Chicago, disc...

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Ecuador Amazon Jungle - 4 days

From: £1055.00

Discover the secrets of the Ecuadorian Amazon on this breathtaking tour into the heart of the jungle. Take guided walks to discover the abundant plant and animal life that call this part of the Ama...

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San Fran to Vegas: Parks, Canyons, Valleys

From: £1526.00

Fall in love with the rugged and diverse American West on this nine-day adventure, from the granite peaks and pine forests of Yosemite National Park to the sun-baked dunes and canyons of Death Vall...

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Turkey Family Holiday

From: £1090.00

Join this family adventure through Turkey and witness some of the most incredible archaeological and natural sights in the world. Spend 10 days exploring small towns, large cities and rugged terrai...

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Cruising the Thai Islands from Phuket

From: £2480.00

The spoils of Southern Thailand are no secret, but like in so many other paradise-like pockets of South East Asia, there’s always more to discover. Escape the tourists on an adventure cruise that t...

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Jordan Discovery

From: £1100.00

The sweeping desert and echoing formations of Wadi Rum, the hidden, hand-hewn facades of Petra and the ancient Roman ruins at Jerash all make Jordan a true adventurer’s paradise. With its sole focu...

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Barcelona to Berlin

From: £2380.00

Discover European class and grandeur on this journey from Barcelona to Berlin. Begin the adventure in Barcelona and wander among one of the largest concentrations of Gothic architecture in Europe. ...

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Essential Balkans

From: £822.00

Veer off the usual Balkan route and discover some of the region’s lesser-visited attractions on this backroads adventure. Starting in cosmopolitan Budapest, travel to the Serbian capital of Belgrad...

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Thailand Beaches East Coast (May - Oct)

From: £985.00

Clear blue waters, white sands, swaying palm trees and a bungalow on the beach… Thailand has the ideal ingredients for a holiday in paradise. Come and explore Thailand's beautiful southern islands,...

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Jordan Real Food Adventure

From: £970.00

Jordan has a way of hiding more than ancient tombs and forgotten landscapes. For centuries, this jewel of the Levant has been a magnet for swaying influences and cultures – granting new flavours as...

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Cycle Cuba: East

From: £905.00

Experience Cuba from two wheels as you cycle around the east of this laidback Caribbean island. Travel the colourful streets of Havana, cycling alongside vintage cars on your way to the verdant Bay...

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Tajikistan Discovery

From: £1544.00

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan sprawl across the vast expanses of Central Asia but are still hidden from many visitor’s minds, despite offering outstanding beauty, simplicity and a feeling of complete r...

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Vietnam Family Holiday Comfort

From: £1100.00

With its friendly locals, delicious food and incredible scenery, Vietnam is a great place for a family adventure. Stroll the winding streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, laugh yourself silly at the wate...

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Explore Jordan

From: £850.00

Visit Jordan and marvel at a fascinating mix of modernity and ancient wonders. Live it up in the cosmopolitan city of Amman, explore Jordan's mystic desert landscapes in Wadi Rum, visit the stunnin...

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Holy Land Highlights

From: £2060.00

This tour is much more than just a pilgrimage. Entrenched in the ancient but emphatically modern in outlook, nominally Jewish but with oodles of Muslim and Christian influence, the complexities of ...

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One Week in Cuba

From: £572.00

A fun, fast and colourful trip through Cuba takes you right to the beating heart of this fiercely independent nation. Start and finish in rocking, retro Havana then swing through Santa Clara to lea...

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Real Cambodia

From: £578.00

Start in Ho Chi Minh then hightail it to Phnom Penh, then there's beach time on the coast, island visits near Kampong Cham, ancient wonders in Siem Reap and… fish pedicures in Bangkok? Forget every...

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Cruise Croatia: Dubrovnik to Venice via Split

From: £3375.00

Discover Adriatic gems in the form of sparkling water, rugged coast and ancient, cliff-forged defences on this 15-day cruise from Dubrovnik to Venice. Immerse yourself in Dalmatia, savouring sun-dr...

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Easter Island

From: £635.00

Journey to enigmatic Easter Island and be forever changed by the remote beauty and fascinating folklore of ‘Rapa Nui’. This unforgettable trip allows plenty of time to stand in awe and admire the m...

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Classic Peru

From: £1560.00

Visit South America and travel to Peru on an adventure from mountains to jungle, and seasides to great plains. Visit Peru's incredible natural and historical highlights on this awesome adventure. R...

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Epic Egypt, Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories

From: £2320.00

The Middle East is living, breathing proof the old saying is true: you don’t know until you go. Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories – visit the holy land trifecta and have experie...

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Morocco Uncovered

From: £1102.00

Morocco’s culture is tightly intertwined. A blur of national identity and religion, this country’s history is a diverse tapestry, as varied as the colours woven into each carpet sold on the street....

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Cruising Spain, Portugal & Morocco: Malaga to Lisbon (M/Y Harmony V)

From: £2445.00

Portugal and Spain’s lesser travelled southern reaches are full of surprises and this trip takes the adventure a step further – to Morocco. Join Peregrine on the stylish Harmony V and discover the ...

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Highlights of the Azores

From: £1570.00

Although modern Portugal can be credited for its contributions to art, architecture and world-class dining, there’s a distant remnant of the Old Empire lying far from the mainland. From the rolling...

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Hola Cuba - People to People for US citizens

From: £2147.69**

Experience the splendor of Cuba – a cobblestoned Caribbean gem where the rum is plentiful, the smiles infectious and dancing is essential. Join our 9-day Hola Cuba adventure and wind your way from ...

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Real Myanmar

From: £985.00

Not all that long ago, many parts of Myanmar were still off-limits to travellers. Lucky for you, that’s no longer the case, although outside the cities you'll find large parts of the country remain...

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Sydney to Brisbane Northbound

From: £1386.00

Explore Australia’s stunning east coast, taking in the iconic sights of Byron Bay, as you make your way from continental Sydney to bustling Brisbane. Sample wine and cheese in the Hunter Valley, ge...

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Africa Experience

From: £11620.00

This trip delivers adventure and comfort in equal measures. Travel through these welcoming nations, past stunning scenery, tiny farming villages and modern cities abuzz with activity. Get a dose of...

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Thailand Adventure West Coast (Nov - Apr)

From: £1742.00

Discover the riches of Thailand in this epic trip from north to south. On this adventure we take you from the bright lights and crazy sights of Bangkok city to the serenity of the rainforest, from ...

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Rome to Vienna

From: £4140.00

See northern Italy’s iconic sights, quintessential landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine on this 24-day adventure. Beginning in Rome, enjoy a Renaissance revival in Florence, marvel at the Leaning ...

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Kruger, Coast & Cape

From: £1790.00

Enjoy an action-packed journey through some of the most stunning scenery in the world on this southern African adventure. With experiences to thrill, entertain, delight and inspire, this tour is a ...

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Classic Nepal

From: £1298.00

Journey into the heart of Nepal and experience the colourful sights and culture of this enchanting region. Mingle with local villagers and craftspeople, visit tranquil temples and sacred Buddhist s...

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Galapagos Explorer: Southern Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

From: £1822.00

Explore the Galapagos and its native wildlife on a sailing trip around the south east of the archipelago. Meet the giant tortoises that inhabit Isla San Cristobal, watch blue-footed boobies dance t...

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The Balkans Real Food Adventure

From: £1729.00

No one leaves this real food adventure hungry! Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of the Balkans on a twelve-day tour through Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Picnic on the lush banks of t...

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Highlights of Turkey & the Greek Islands

From: £2440.00

If you’re looking for world-famous ruins, postcard-perfect beaches, epic history and a healthy dose of mouth-watering cuisine, a Greek holiday is probably high on your list, but did you know all of...

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Uganda Gorilla Shortbreak: Original

From: £3000.00

Travel to Uganda and embark on a journey to meet one of the world's most endangered species - the noble mountain gorilla. Encounter Uganda's birdlife, frogs and butterflies while hiking through the...

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Arctic Watch Lodge 8 days

From: £6060.00

Located 800 km inside the Arctic Circle, right on the Northwest Passage, the Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge qualifies as the world’s northernmost safari resort. This pristine tract of wilderness – ...

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Highlights of Ecuador & Peru

From: £1988.00

Ecuador and Peru are home to a stunning array of landscapes, indigenous villages, attractions and history. You’ll see something new every day – whether you’re trekking among ruins at Macchu Pichu, ...

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Cycle Southern Thailand

From: £735.00

The road is laid out before you on this cycling adventure through Southern Thailand. Beginning in Bangkok with an overnight train, the route sweeps south to the deeply green prehistoric scenery tha...

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4WD Broome to Darwin Overland

From: £1260.00

Experience the wild and rugged beauty of Australia's northwest tip on this 4WD journey through the Kimberleys. A region of breathtaking natural scenery, rich brooding landscapes and plentiful iconi...

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Everest in Full Picture

From: £995.00

Travel to Nepal and head to the Himalayan hills to get the full picture of Everest. Fly to Lukla then enjoy a four-day trek, staying in teahouses in the village of Phakding, the market town of Namc...

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Christmas in Antarctica

From: £4835.00

Take the Christmas holiday of a lifetime – an 11-day expedition exploring the wonders of Antarctica. Set foot on the Antarctic Peninsula, spot seals resting on the icefloe and witness seabirds nest...

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Best of Southern Africa

From: £7800.00

Travel to Africa and jump onboard an exhilarating journey through the magnificent nations of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Southern Africa is bursting with a diverse array of wildli...

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Kangaroo Island Adventure

From: £280.00

Check out a sea lion colony in Seal Bay, give sand boarding a shot in Little Sahara and perhaps head out on a walk in search of Vivonne Bay's wildlife. Spot koalas in Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary,...

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China Family Holiday

From: £1938.00

Take your family on a memorable adventure through China and see the many sides of this colourful, cultural and naturally beautiful nation. The perfect blending of the familiar and the novel, on thi...

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Japan Real Food Adventure

From: £3273.00

Pack your chopsticks and celebrate thousands of years of food artistry by diving into one of the world’s most elegant, eclectic and harmonious cuisines. Spend your time spent seeing the sights and ...

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Essential Borneo

From: £928.00

You and Borneo meet in Kota Kinabalu – we think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Orangutans! In Sepilok! And elephants – maybe! – along the Kinabatangan River! Get hot and swe...

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New York to Las Vegas

From: £2050.00

Journey east to west on a great American adventure that takes in the best that this expansive country has to offer. Explore the story of a nation in its birthplace in Philadelphia and political hea...

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North Spain Discovery

From: £1246.00

Come on a short but sweet tour through the north of Spain and get to know the people, landscapes, customs and cuisine that combine to make this part of the country so fascinating. From sipping deli...

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Best of Mexico & Guatemala

From: £3990.00

From the white sands of Playa del Carmen to the thick green jungle of Guatemala, this trip will show you landscapes so beautiful you might understand why the ancient civilisations who once ruled he...

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Cycle Sri Lanka: North

From: £1325.00

Avoid Sri Lanka's south west monsoon rains and ride north to beautiful beaches, past quaint fishing villages, and swathes of lush green jungle on this cycling adventure from Negombo to Colombo. Sri...

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Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands & South Georgia 2016 - 2018

From: £10700.00

Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica and explore the unique conditions at the end of the Earth. Embark from Ushuaia and travel through the Beagle Channel to the Falkland Islands, where a trea...

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Cuba Family Holiday

From: £976.00

From tobacco fields and fishing villages, to revolutionist monuments and relaxing beaches, Cuba is home to one of the most captivating cultures in the world. Take in the crumbling facades of coloni...

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Uncover Northern Poland and the Baltics

From: £1762.00

Uncover the cultural riches and historical intrigues of four fascinating countries on a journey across northern Poland and the Baltic states. Beginning the adventure in Poland's premier seaside hub...

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Peru Amazon - 4 days

From: £390.00

This enthralling jungle adventure allows total immersion into the wild beauty of the Amazon in Peru. Walk through abundant rainforest, cruise along murky waterways, spot exotic wildlife and learn a...

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Berlin to Venice

From: £1404.00

Take the long road through Bohemia on this adventure-filled tour from Germany to Italy. Travelling from historical landmarks and medieval squares to magical hilltop castles and romantic canals, thi...

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Utah, Nevada & California

From: £1760.00

Venture into the USA's wild western heartlands on this remarkable two-week adventure from Las Vegas to San Francisco. Experience the brazen brashness of the world's most famous gambling city, then ...

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Canadian Rockies & Northern Lights

From: £2474.00

Go in search of the elusive northern lights in the night skies of Alberta. Watch for moose, white-tailed deer and elk as you drive through pristine Canadian wilderness. Admire stunning curtains of ...

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Maya Adventure

From: £2007.00

Through Guatemala, Mexico and Belize, this trip combines the volcanic beauty of the highlands, the mystery of the ancient Maya ruins, and the perfect beaches of the Caribbean in a truly unique adve...

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Italy Experience

From: £2120.00

Travel to Italy and savour the many flavours of this gastronomic haven on a journey from the canals of Venice to the cobblestone streets of Rome. Explore historic sites and picturesque villages on ...

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Russia Real Food Adventure

From: £1575.00

Discover the cultural and culinary secrets of Russia on this 10-day tour. Experience authentic Russia in all its diversity, from an evening of eating, drinking and table games with a St Petersburg ...

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Essential India

From: £396.00

This awesome India adventure is for the inner-balance types out there (you know who you are). Seek out the best eats in Delhi, snap a selfie at the Taj Mahal, take a sunrise boat cruise down the Ga...

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Explore Southern Africa

From: £1530.00

Discover the allure of southern Africa as you roam from the golden plains of the world-famous Kruger National Park and the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls to the watery wonderland of the Okavango Delt...

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Epic African Adventure

From: £3040.00

Look no further – this is how to do Africa. Deep breath: there's lions and leopards while safariing the Serengeti, mingling with Maasai on wide open plains, heading down into the Ngorongoro Crater,...

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Hoi An to Hanoi

From: £1215.00

Most travellers overlook the region, but there's plenty more to central Vietnam than Hoi An and Hue – and we've now got the trip to prove it. In addition to time spent in both of places, which are ...

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Eyre Peninsula Overland

From: £540.00

South Australia's Eyre Peninsula is one of the undisputed most beautiful coastal regions in Australia. This trip visits the stunning Flinders Ranges which in 2016 renamed Ikara-Flinders Ranges was ...

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Journey to the Antarctic Circle

From: £6450.00

Enter the southernmost region on earth then take things a step further as you cross the Antarctic Circle. This is nature at its harshest yet Antarctica’s wildlife thrives, having adapted to the bea...

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One week in Jordan

From: £535.00

It's small, it's safe and it's stable – welcome to the Middle East's best snubber of convention. Kick off holiday times in Amman, snorkel in the Red Sea, head on to Wadi Rum and Petra before return...

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Best of Argentina & Brazil

From: £1696.00

Get a taste of the rhythms of Argentina and Brazil on this southern adventure journeying from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, taking in the spectacular Iguazu Falls along the way. From tango to sam...

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Dubrovnik to Santorini

From: £3165.00

Wind your way down through some of Mediterranean Europe’s most charming towns, beaches and islands on this journey from the Adriatic to the Aegean. Start off with a tour of Dubrovnik’s enchanting w...

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Crossing the Antarctic Circle From Buenos Aires

From: £6800.00

Cast off from Ushuaia, Argentina, to embark on an adventure to one of the most beautiful and remote locations on the planet. Sail across the notorious Drake Passage bound for the South Shetland Isl...

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Cuba & Costa Rica

From: £2725.00

Delight in the history, charm and culture of old-world Cuba before exploring the incredible natural environments of Costa Rica. Drink and dance with the fascinating Cuban locals in Havana and Trini...

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Kosovo, Albania & Macedonia Explorer

From: £1675.00

It’s hard to find a patch of Europe that hasn’t been overrun by travel. Hard, but not impossible. Among the rocky mountains and green fields of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia there are plenty of she...

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Best of Chile

From: £1508.00

Introducing Intrepid’s first Chile-only adventure. Awash with phenomenal landscapes, this destination stands every bit as tall as its photogenic neighbours Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. Set off from...

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Iceland Discovery - For Solo Travellers

From: £3520.00

Travel to Iceland and delve into the ancient land of Vikings and volcanoes on this 10-day Icelandic adventure, designed for solo travellers only. Marvel at geothermal hot springs, witness the steam...

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Great Ocean Road Adventure ex Melbourne

From: £255.00

Set off on a short but sweet road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide and get a taste of southern Australia's rugged natural beauty. Stop by the world-class surf break of Bells Beach, spot wild koalas ...

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Sail Phuket to Ko Phi Phi

From: £342.00

Feel the wind in your hair as you set sail through the paradisical surroundings of Thailand's west coast. Plunge into the glistening turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, relax on powdery white beac...

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Photography Series: Crossing the Antarctic Circle

From: £6900.00

If you make it to Antarctica, where few have ventured before, you’ll most certainly want the incredible photos to prove it. Journeying far into the wildlife-filled Polar region, daily Zodiac landin...

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Amalfi Coast Sailing Adventure

From: £1286.00

Imagine carefree days sailing from one stunning island to the next through the glistening Mediterranean. This awesome voyage along the spectacular Amalfi coast gives you the lot - gorgeous beaches...

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Iran Adventure

From: £2090.00

Welcome to the hidden world of Iran. Travel through this fascinating country to discover refined Islamic cities, colourful bazaars, ancient Persian ruins, fascinating nomads and shimmering deserts....

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Land of Belize

From: £705.00

Discover the natural wonders and rich cultural history of Belize. This laidback paradise is packed full of lush jungle, spectacular ruins, long sandy beaches and first-class underwater attractions ...

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Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam, by Land and Sea

From: £4560.00

Start your journey with Thailand and Cambodia on a trip is jam-packed with experiences and destinations that venture beyond where others go. Thailand's stunning beauty and charismatic culture are e...

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Peru Encompassed

From: £2645.00

Visit Peru and discover its highlights from Lima to Cusco on an exciting journey that encompasses modern cities and ancient worlds. Explore Peru's lush Amazon Jungle, the epic Lake Titicaca and the...

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Epic Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia

From: £2625.00

Traipsing through jungles? Check. Turning into a prune in hot springs and waterfalls? Check check. Balancing on floating islands made out of reeds? Hiking ancient mountain trails to long-lost citie...

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Antarctic Peninsula, Falkland Islands & South Georgia from Ushuaia

From: £8200.00

Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica and explore the unique conditions at the end of the Earth. Embark from Ushuaia and travel through the Beagle Channel to the Falkland Islands, where a trea...

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Vietnam Discovery

From: £729.00

Travel to Vietnam and trace its mystical eastern coastline, traversing the country from south to north and discovering the many attractions that lie along the way. From the modern chaos of Ho Chi M...

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Canadian Rockies & Vancouver Island

From: £2675.00

Western Canada offers stunning landscapes of towering peaks, serene turquoise lakes, thick forests, gushing rivers and rugged surf coast. Walk the streets of Vancouver, hike the trails of Jasper an...

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Cycle Cape Town & Winelands

From: £1975.00

A ride in South Africa is more than a bit of exercise. It’s a ride through a long and troubled history and into a bright future, through the ever-changing terrain of cityscapes, towering mountains,...

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New Zealand Adventure Southbound ex Auckland

From: £3812.00

Explore and experience New Zealand to the fullest, from the secluded beaches and volcanic craters of the north to the glaciers, mountains and fjords in the south. Adventure activities abound throug...

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4WD Darwin to Broome Overland

From: £1260.00

Get lost in the beauty of the Australian Outback on this intoxicating tour from the Top End to Western Australia. Spot wildlife around enchanting Lake Argyle, explore the soaring walls of Windjana ...

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Vegas to San Fran

From: £580.00

Take in Las Vegas through to San Francisco and make your way across the countryside through scorching Death Valley and the forests of Sierra Nevada. Enjoy the decadence of Sin City and then leave t...

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Melbourne to Alice Springs Overland

From: £850.00

Travel from Melbourne to the Red dirt of Alice Springs, taking in the region's biggest and best-known drawcards along the way. Drive the famous Great Ocean Road and Oodnadatta Track, hike the Gramp...

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Inca Trail Family Holiday with teenagers

From: £2038.00

Travel to Peru on this family adventure and uncover the terraced ruins of Peru’s mystical ancient city. Explore some of South America’s most beautiful architecture in Lima before flying to Cusco an...

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Iran Real Food Adventure

From: £2060.00

Iran’s charm begins with its stunning environment – snow-capped mountains, rolling deserts, ancient cities and crowded bazaars all add to an unforgettable tapestry of a culture less experienced. Ho...

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Jakarta to Ubud

From: £1016.00

Don’t be fooled into thinking Indonesia is ‘just another island getaway’, because the scale of experiences you’ll have in this magical country are truly epic. Miles of empty beaches, steamy verdant...

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Japan Winter Festivals

From: £2115.00

Be entranced by winter in Japan. Experience the sensational Sapporo Snow Festival, be awestruck by the size of snow sculptures and watch the soft lantern light cast its magic over festivalgoers in ...

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Best of Borneo

From: £2805.00

Imagine a place that is spiritual and wild, colourful and mysterious, and full of tantalising secrets - this is beautiful Borneo. From the steamy jungles of Mulu National Park and the secluded beac...

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China Experience

From: £2150.00

Experience the breadth of cultures, flavours and landscapes that make up the vast Middle Kingdom on one our most popular tours through China. Marvel at iconic attractions like the Great Wall and th...

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Northern Italy Family Holiday

From: £1545.00

A place of love, history and exquisite flavours, the northern part of the former Roman Empire is a cultural heartland full of hidden treasures. Hear the song of the lapping waterways echo through t...

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Canada Winter Festivals

From: £2405.00

Oh Canada, the home of maple syrup, hockey, grizzly bears, the Biebs and the stunning Rocky Mountains. There’s a lot to love, and even more to celebrate about this great land – no wonder the locals...

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Cote D'Azur Sailing Adventure: Nice to Marseille

From: £1135.00

This unique sailing adventure takes you to a side of France few get to see. Explore the exciting portside cities of Nice, Cannes and St Tropez, where glitz, a vibrant culture and lovely beaches awa...

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Vietnam Express Southbound - For Solo Travellers

From: £800.00

Capture the spirit of magical Vietnam on this compact tour from the colonial charm of Hanoi to the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, on this new adventure, designed for solo travellers only. S...

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North India Adventure

From: £1740.00

Rose-hued cities, time-worn desert forts and holy rivers – North India is the subcontintent’s showpiece, a place where ancient ruins punctuate peaceful countryside and everyday life is a riot of co...

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Wild Mongolia

From: £1933.00

Travel to Mongolia and experience the raw beauty and tradition of this remote region. Hidden from the world for so long, it is hard to imagine that this secluded country once created the largest la...

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Eastern Europe Explorer

From: £2055.00

Be mesmerised by the magic of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria on this explorer tour through the best and most beautiful regions of Eastern Europe. Explore the captivating cities of Budapest, Buchares...

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Thailand Beaches West Coast (Nov - Apr)

From: £698.00

Clear blue waters, white sands, swaying palm trees and a bungalow on the beach… Thailand has the ideal ingredients for a holiday in paradise. Come and explore Thailand's beautiful southern islands,...

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Crossing the Circle via Falklands & South Georgia from Ushuaia

From: £11200.00

If you desire to ‘do it all’ on your Antarctic adventure, then this is the voyage for you. Not only will you cross the Antarctic Circle and travel further south than traditional Antarctic cruises, ...

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Best of Thailand & Malaysia

From: £2006.00

Visit South East Asia’s buzzing cities and pristine islands on a highlight packed journey through Thailand and Malaysia. Explore these distinct cultures, from the laidback beachside bliss of Krabi ...

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Classic Cambodia

From: £765.00

Combining the magnificence of the Khmer Empire with lively Phnom Penh, this introduction to Cambodia is the perfect way to get acquainted with this captivating nation. Witness the grandeur of ancie...

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Azerbaijan & Georgia Experience

From: £2475.00

Visit two countries that have taken a big leap into the 21st century, where historical old towns and monasteries sit comfortably alongside towering skyscrapers. Stop by one of Europe's largest ope...

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Kilimanjaro & Serengeti Adventure

From: £3685.00

Experience two of Africa's most famous natural wonders from ground level on this trip, designed for those with a passion for the outdoors. The imposing peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro inspire awe and rouse...

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Uzbekistan Adventure

From: £960.00

Take an adventure through Uzbekistan, a country famous for its ancient Silk Road cities overflowing with mosques, mausoleums and mystery. Beginning and ending in Tashkent, the nation's capital, thi...

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Grand Galapagos (Grand Queen Beatriz)

From: £7716.00

Get on board this comprehensive journey through the unforgettable Galapagos Islands. Encounter the region’s incredible wildlife up close – unique birdlife, giant tortoises, gnarled iguanas and play...

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Uluru to Adelaide

From: £560.00

Explore the natural wonders of the world's most sunburnt country. From Alice Springs to Adelaide, this journey will see you witness stunning sunsets over Uluru, visit jewel-filled mining towns and ...

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Classic Spain and Portugal

From: £3665.00

Tour Spain and Portugal's pin-up attractions on this classic adventure. Soak up art and history in Madrid, be staggered by the grandeur of Alhambra Palace in Granada and take in the dramatic specta...

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Budapest & the Balkans

From: £895.00

Veer off the usual Balkan route and discover some of the region’s lesser-visited attractions on this intriguing backroads adventure. Starting off in cultured and cosmopolitan Budapest, travel on to...

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Explore Alaska

From: £1290.00

Alaska may be part of the USA, but it feels like another world. This trip gives the freedom to hike, kayak, climb or fly your way through the iconic Denali and Wrangell-St Elias national parks. It’...

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Ultimate Silk Road: Beijing to Ashgabat

From: £5785.00

Unlock the secrets of the Silk Road on this immersive journey across Central Asia. From Beijing all the way to Ashgabat, this epic 41-day trip heads west across China, showcasing stunning relics, d...

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Best of Vietnam

From: £1570.00

Experience quintessential Vietnam on this comprehensive trip from south to north. Travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi and experience dynamic cities, tranquil backwaters, imperial ruins, faded col...

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Kilimanjaro: Machame Route

From: £2670.00

Trek the amazing Machame Route to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest point. At high altitude, it's a challenging journey through uniquely varied terrain. Camp out at night and enjoy inc...

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Classic Bali

From: £1060.00

Bali and paradise are synonymous with each other. Everyone who visits always has a reason to come back, be it to explore the rich history, stunning beaches or the flourishing landscapes they might ...

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Croatia Sailing Adventure: Dubrovnik to Split

From: £1125.00

Experience the old-world charm of Croatia on a sailing odyssey from Dubrovnik to Split. Spend days cruising around impressive coastlines, exploring lush national parks, wandering through medieval t...

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Southern Comfort USA

From: £2635.00

Take a journey into the soul of the USA on this 12-day tour of the country’s Deep South. The air from Atlanta to Memphis is heavy with humidity and history, filled with the sound of country twang a...

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China: Great Wall Hike, Bike & Kung Fu

From: £1055.00

This active adventure takes you straight to some of China’s most enduring symbols. Spend three days hiking the Great Wall, including time spent traversing an unrestored section. Less known than oth...

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Kenya Safari Under Canvas

From: £2313.00

Visit Africa and forge into the heart of Kenya’s finest game parks on this eight-day overland journey. Visit Kenya's amazing natural sights by day and in the evenings, kick back in the comfort of a...

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Egypt, Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories

From: £3920.00

Egypt, Jordan, Israel & Palestine are ancient lands that conjure images of river valleys, powerful Pharaohs, pilgrims and cities carved from stone. Dive headfirst into Cairo, sail up the Nile on a ...

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Croatia Sailing Adventure: Split to Dubrovnik

From: £1194.00

Become immersed in Croatia's natural beauty while sailing the stunning Adriatic coast. Mix lazy days of swimming and beach going with time spent exploring medieval fortresses, sitting in lively res...

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Kruger Experience - Lodge (5 days)

From: £885.00

Embark on a thrilling journey into the vast, game-filled Kruger National Park. Head out on game drives to spot lions, zebras, buffaloes, cheetahs and elephants during the day, and relax in a comfor...

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Kimberley Trail Broome to Darwin

From: £2460.00

Experience the beautiful rugged Kimberley on this true Australian adventure from Broome to Darwin. Uncover some of the country’s most incredible, untouched territory on an all-terrain journey down ...

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Uncover Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories

From: £5785.00

Uncover Egypt, Jordan, Israel & Palestine. Take a journey across lands that conjure up images of ancient civilizations, holy relics, cities carved from stone and sunrises over desert landscapes. S...

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Pure Galapagos (Daphne)

From: £2258.00

Few destinations rival the Galapagos for up-close encounters with wildlife, and this adventure focuses on the stars of the show. Enjoy a pure boat trip that’s free of detours, overnight stopovers a...

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Peru Family Holiday

From: £1960.00

Gaze up at Peru’s dazzling peaks and into picturesque valleys to understand why the Andean mountains were sacred for the Incas. This well-paced holiday combines time in the fascinating historic cit...

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Best of Cuba Westbound

From: £1436.00

From Cuba's historical streets of Havana to the pristine shores of the Caribbean, stroll through World Heritage cities, relive a fascinating colonial history and experience the rich heritage of mus...

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Essential Bali & Gili Islands

From: £580.00

From the patchouli-infused spiritual digs of Ubud and Seminyak’s beach clubs to traipsing up a volcano in Mt Batur and island life on Gili Trawangan, see the best bits of Bali by bus, boat, bike an...

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Uluru Camping Getaway

From: £310.00

Soak up the spirit of the land on this three-day journey into the Red Centre. Admire the incredible formations of Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), watch the sun set over Uluru, and learn ab...

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Adelaide to Alice Springs Overland

From: £560.00

Travel into Australia’s magnificent Red Centre on this Overland journey from Adelaide. From the red-rock moonscapes of William Creek and the Oodnadatta Track, the underground mining town of Coober ...

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East Africa Expedition: The Last Northern White Rhinos

From: £4115.00

Embark on an immersive wildlife safari in East Africa, visiting the world’s last remaining northern white rhinos in Kenya and braving the wilds of Uganda. Departing Nairobi, visit Ol Pejeta Conserv...

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Kruger & Cape Town Short Break by Train

From: £2360.00

Enjoy an incredible African adventure on this journey from Kruger National Park to the rugged beauty of sophisticated Cape Town. Feel the thrill of spotting one (or more!) of Africa’s Big Five for ...

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Explore Colombia

From: £1064.00

Colombia is one of those gems of South America that many travellers still don’t know about, and this ten-day adventure is the ideal way to experience its mountains, hidden beaches, cobblestoned tow...

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Cambodia Family Holiday with Teenagers

From: £670.00

Steeped in history but young at heart, Cambodia makes for an unbeatable family holiday destination. Impressive museums sit alongside buzzing street markets in the capital Phnom Penh, Battambang ble...

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Japan: Land of the Rising Sun

From: £2760.00

Ever-welcoming and always fascinating, Japan is a land of ancient cultures, austere traditions and groundbreaking technology. Experience the best that this diverse country has to offer from the exc...

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Melbourne to Perth Overland

From: £1260.00

Start in the world's most liveable city of Melbourne and head west on the iconic Great Ocean Road through the Grampians National Park to Adelaide. Hug the coastline from Adelaide to Perth, dropping...

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Cycle Rajasthan

From: £1305.00

The enchanting northern province of Rajasthan is awash with all the colours of India. On our cycling adventure we see all sides of this fascinating state. Cycling means that everything is slower an...

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Epic Mexico to Costa Rica

From: £1668.00

If it’s Central America you want, it’s Central America you’ll get! This super-cali-fragil-istic-EPIC-ali-docious adventure kicks off in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen and snakes through Belize, Antigua,...

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Six Days on the Inca Trail

From: £604.00

If you've only got time for the Inca Trail, or if Machu Picchu is on your bucket list, then this is your trip. With a local tour guide and enough porters to poke a (walking) stick at, you'll love e...

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The Great Kimberley Overland

From: £1976.00

Explore Australia’s rugged Kimberley region on this 13-day adventure through the red heart of the west. Explore the underground caves at Tunnel Creek, the tranquil pools at Bell Gorge and the lily-...

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Classic South India

From: £1264.00

Travel to India and embark on this classic southern Indian journey from Chennai to Kovalam through Kerala. Discover a thousand shades of green, indulge in some of the continent’s freshest food, and...

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Cycle Costa Rica & Panama

From: £1116.00

From the deep rainforests of Panama to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, witness all the natural splendour of Central America from your unique vantage point in the saddle. Costa Rica and P...

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Bangkok to Singapore

From: £1386.00

Travel from Bangkok to Singapore on a voyage of discovery, soaking up culture and revelling in the flavours of the region. With golden temples, soft white beaches and bright blue skies, tantalising...

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Epic South America

From: £4670.00

This trip covers all the highlights and many surprises of South America – from trekking the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu to partying it up in fiesty Rio de Janiero. Chase waterfalls at Iguaza Falls a...

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Argentina & Brazil Adventure

From: £1944.00

Get an invigorating taste of South America’s south on a trip that takes you from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. Let the sounds of samba, jazz and reggae wash over you and get swept up in the infec...

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Playa del Carmen to Mexico City

From: £996.00

The modern rubs up against the ancient in Mexico, and you’ll get to experience both contemporary and historic attractions in this tour. Begin with the sun-drenched beaches of Playa del Carmen and t...

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Vietnam & Cambodia Family Holiday

From: £1855.00

Take the family on a trip to remember when you voyage across Indochina from Hanoi to Siem Reap via Halong Bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and Angkor. This trip takes in beaches, historic ...

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Egypt Adventure

From: £740.00

Travel to Egypt and follow the path of the River Nile as you revel in a taste of Egypt's history, beauty and colour on this short but action-packed trip along the longest river in the world. Cruise...

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Cambodia Express

From: £599.00

Set out on an enchanting journey through the temple-strewn landscapes, intriguing cultures and enthralling cities of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam on this incredible Cambodia Express adventure. Fr...

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Baltic Experience

From: £1975.00

Experience the diverse delights of the Baltic states on this adventurous journey through Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. From the medieval spires of Tallinn and the funky b...

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Explore Taiwan

From: £1975.00

Welcome to one of Asia's most exciting up-and-coming destinations. Breathtaking coastline, lush green landscapes and tranquil temples are only the beginning of this eclectic adventure. Kick off in ...

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Australia Expedition: Journey into East Arnhem Land

From: £3435.00

In the farthest reaches of remote Northern Australia lies East Arnhem Land. This vast and rugged wilderness is where the Yolngu people have lived for millennia. Even today you’ll still find clans f...

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Halloween in America

From: £1290.00

Did you hear the one about the ice-skating ghosts in Central Park? Or the Headless Horseman plaguing Sleepy Hollow? What about the kitchen poltergeist in Boston? The United States’ history is pract...

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Great Ocean Road & Kangaroo Island Adventure

From: £550.00

Take a memorable road trip through Victoria and South Australia, starting from Melbourne and taking in each twist and turn of the Great Ocean Road. Channel your inner surfer at some famed boarding ...

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Classic Cambodia and Vietnam by Land and Sea

From: £3145.00

Combining the magnificence of the Khmer Empire with lively Phnom Penh, this introduction to Cambodia is the perfect way to get acquainted with this captivating nation. Witness the grandeur of ancie...

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Discover Morocco

From: £1606.00

Discover Morocco, the land of contrasts - soaring mountains, lush valleys, the vast, unforgettable Sahara Desert and often missed pristine waters hiding in secret valleys and sprawling untouched be...

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Scenic Vietnam

From: £999.00

Journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City on an incredible two-week adventure in Vietnam. Discover the stately capital Hanoi, the lush hills of the Da Bac region, the stunning limestone scenery of Hal...

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Mountains & Mystics of India

From: £735.00

Take a tour of India and be introduced to the Mountains and Mystics of this incredible country. This is a journey of the body and spirit as we travel through the foothills of the world's highest mo...

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Taiwan Real Food Adventure

From: £1595.00

Journey to the heart of one the most exciting culinary scenes in Asia on this Real Food Adventure in Taiwan. From the fresh oyster omelette, mouth-watering sesame chicken and golden-brown fried tar...

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New York to Miami

From: £1820.00

Brush up on your music knowledge, practice your ‘yeehaws’ and your ‘howdys’ and bring your taste for adventure (and citrus) as we travel from New York City to Miami, via the south. Explore the birt...

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Uganda Gorilla Short Break - Basix

From: £2300.00

Travel to Uganda and embark on a journey to meet one of the world's most endangered species - the noble mountain gorilla. Encounter Uganda's birdlife, frogs and butterflies while hiking through the...

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Cycle Bali

From: £922.00

It’s all about two wheels in Bali, and this action-packed cycling trip takes in some of the island’s best spots in the highlands and on the coast. Hit the road in Ubud and wind your way south, into...

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