"As an Intrepid traveller you are not your average tourist. You will leave behind international hotels, air-conditioned buses and tourist masses. Instead, you will escape to beautiful countryside, remote beaches and stay in tranquil guesthouses run by local families."

Darrell Wade, CEO of Intrepid Travel

For travellers with a yearning to get off the beaten track, Intrepid opens up a whole new world of adventure travel.

With a huge variety of tours available, Intrepid travellers explore the world’s most amazing places - from the back streets of Asia, to the wilds of Africa, the colourful landscapes of Latin America, the picturesque National Parks on North America, and the ancient cultures of Australasia.

Come with us to discover real people, real cultures & incredible real life experiences along the way.

* Small groups, real experiences

* Freedom & flexibility

* Real value

* Innovative & interactive itineraries

* It’s all in the journey!

* Guaranteed departures

* Responsible travel

We think that the smaller the group, the better the experience, and that’s why we limit the numbers on every Intrepid trip. It means you get to experience more of the local culture - something that’s not always possible in a larger group or by yourself.

Behind every great Intrepid trip is a great local leader. Their enthusiasm, versatility and knowledge of local culture is second to none - in most cases because they’re taking you around their home country!

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Our top 200 trips

Epic Mexico & Cuba

From: £1424.00

Mexico and Cuba are a bit of culture, a dash of sandy beaches, a splash of lush jungle and a sprinkling of delicious food all mixed together. Smash some street tacos in Mexico City, taste the best ...

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Japan Highlights

From: £1755.00

Home of the sumo, the geisha, sake, karaoke, onsen and izakaya – Japan is a true feast for all of your senses. Spend seven days covering the hotspots of this enchanting land, from the bright lights...

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Japan Express

From: £1395.00

Home to sumo wrestling, sake, geishas, karaoke and onsens, Japan is an extraordinary land. Here you can expect a frenetic pace one day and a tranquil experience the next. Take in the neon nightlif...

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Discover Classic Turkey & Northern Cyprus

From: £1640.00

Discover Turkey in all its ancient glory during this eight-day journey beginning in Istanbul. Travel to the Aegean resort town of Kusadasi before exploring the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, then ho...

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Cote d'Azur Sailing Adventure: Marseille to Nice

From: £1205.00

Get off the tourist trail and jump aboard a yacht to see France from the sultry Mediterranean. Go from one celebrated port to the next and uncover a side of France only the rich get to see. To cont...

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Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Explorer

From: £10990.00

An epic, 21-day adventure across the depths of the Drake Passage awaits. The destination? The awe-inspiring Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. Discover just how impressive...

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Real Vietnam

From: £641.00

From Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi, experience authentic Vietnam on this 15-day tour. See how the locals live on on the Mekong Delta, get your beach on in Tuy Hoa and discover history and yum yums galore in...

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Turkey: Women's Expedition

From: £1050.00

Turkey is often cited as the ultimate convergence of east and west – traditional spice bazaars and ornately adorned mosques thrown together with high speed, cross-country trains and bustling cosmop...

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Cruising the Adriatic Coast: Dubrovnik to Athens

From: £2685.00

Set sail through the glistening waters of the Adriatic as you navigate the coastlines of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Italy and Greece. From the fortified walls of Dubrovnik to the pretty Italian ...

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Broome to Perth Overland

From: £1048.00

A colossal land replete with natural attractions, Western Australia's vast expanses and unique landscapes will surprise you at every turn. From the serene shorelines of Broome and Shell Beach and f...

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Italy Experience

From: £2105.00

Travel to Italy and savour the many flavours of this gastronomic haven on a journey from the canals of Venice to the cobblestone streets of Rome. Explore historic sites and picturesque villages on ...

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Kenya Safari

From: £1774.00

Visit Africa and forge into the heart of Kenya’s finest game parks on this eight-day overland journey. Visit Kenya's amazing natural sights by day and in the evenings, kick back in the comfort of a...

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Northern & Southern Ireland

From: £1680.00

The northern nooks and the regal Republic – see it all on an eight-day adventure on both sides of the Irish border. Travel past green pastures, stunning lakes, striking cliff faces and, in the even...

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Stone Town to Nairobi

From: £1173.00

Get ready for a wildlife-filled adventure on this East African road-trip. Full of incredible scenery, fascinating cultures and more animals than you can count, this trip from Zanzibar's Stone Town ...

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Best of India

From: £1460.00

Visit India and follow the famous Golden Triangle. Enjoy the perfect introduction to India's three most popular destinations - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - as we explore the icons and discover the secr...

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Exploring Spitsbergen via the Faroes and Jan Mayen

From: £3900.00

When you think of history and culture, the icy expanse of the Arctic Circle might not be the first destination that springs to mind. So, it might surprise you to learn that a journey to this northe...

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Israel & the Palestinian Territories Real Food Adventure

From: £1820.00

Not only is Israel and the Palestinian Territories steeped in religious history and longstanding cultures, it has a food and wine scene to rival any other. Embark on an epicurean odyssey, spending ...

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Real East USA Adventure

From: £1467.00

Hit the road on a trip like no other through the eastern USA, where each city is a culture unto itself. One day you’re in Nashville munching Southern-style biscuits for breakfast, the next you’re w...

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Real Canada

From: £1269.00

Ready to take a hike? You’ve come to the right place. Canada is home to some of the finest trails in North America. This tour will have you tackling paths that coil around mountains and snake throu...

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Russia Adventure

From: £1570.00

Go deeper than Stalin’s bunker in the political, religious and military history on an adventure through Russia. Embark on an 11-day small group trip from the majesty of Moscow following the Volga R...

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Sumatra Adventure

From: £795.00

Steamy Sumatra is a rugged jungle paradise for all types of adventurers. The world’s sixth largest island is teeming with untamed nature and is home to many endangered species, including the Sumatr...

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Chile, Argentina & Brazil Explorer

From: £3542.00

Discover the spirit of the south on this enriching journey from Santiago to Rio de Janeiro. Kick back in picturesque Mendoza, sample culinary delights in Buenos Aires, experience the might of Iguaz...

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South Africa Family Safari with Teenagers

From: £1140.00

Travel through South Africa and Eswatini (Swaziland), combining cultural and wildlife experiences. The tour starts with an introduction to South Africa’s most famous township, Soweto, before headin...

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Essential East Africa

From: £1179.00

Time to get serious, young adventurers. This is what Africa is all about. Hippos, lions, leopards, lakes, jeep safaris, fun-loving red-clad Maasai folk, wide open grassy plains that stretch as far ...

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Jordan Real Food Adventure

From: £985.00

Jordan has a way of hiding more than ancient tombs and forgotten landscapes. For centuries, this jewel of the Levant has been a magnet for swaying influences and cultures – granting new flavours as...

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Cruising Thailand & Malaysia: Penang to Phuket

From: £1628.00

What better way to experience the Malaysia and Thailand’s west coast than with an Adventure Cruise. Discover the jewels of the Andaman Sea on a nine-day island hopping adventure, sailing by Langkaw...

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Explore Kyrgyzstan to Turkmenistan

From: £3435.00

Get to know – or under-Stan, if you will – the desert landscapes, multicultural influences and religious significance in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan on a 26-day Central Asia...

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Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival

From: £1435.00

Full of lush rainforest landscapes, breathtaking cave systems, rolling rivers and lost islands, Sarawak is one of South East Asia’s best kept secrets. Take the opportunity to experience both the cu...

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Northern Cyprus

From: £570.00

The beauty of the land and hospitality of people in Northern Cyprus is undeniable and is a largely untouched gem of the Mediterranean. On your eight-day adventure, hunt for castles and monasteries,...

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New Zealand Active Adventure

From: £1975.00

Get active in one of the world’s most outdoor-oriented destinations – mighty New Zealand. This nine-day southbound adventure has all of the ingredients for an energetic escape – jet boating down th...

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Djibouti's Footsteps of the Afar

From: £2361.00

This active exploration along the edge of the Horn of Africa is not for the faint of heart. However, if you want to experience life like an Afar nomad, float on one of the world’s saltiest lakes, s...

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Best of Vietnam & Cambodia

From: £1420.00

Take an unforgettable adventure through two of the most colourful yet contrasting cultures in South East Asia. Starting off in Vietnam, cruise through dramatic karst scenery on a boat tour of Halon...

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Explore Southern Italy

From: £1510.00

Take off on an unforgettable journey down Italy’s rarely visited heel, getting to know another side of this entrancing country. Believe the beauty of Amalfi, unwind in style among the sophisticates...

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Trek Armenia: The Transcaucasian Trail

From: £1085.00

Follow the spectacular Transcaucasian trail through the stunning mountain ranges of Armenia on this world-class, long-distance hike that traverses one of the most biologically and culturally divers...

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Kathmandu to Delhi

From: £1125.00

Take the road less travelled from Nepal to India on this 10-day tour. Despite beginning and finishing in two well-known cities – Kathmandu and Delhi – this adventure avoids the tourist crowds in fa...

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Best of El Salvador

From: £693.00

Good things come in small packages, and nowhere more than El Salvador. Sitting quietly nestled in between Guatemala and Honduras, El Salvador’s epic volcanoes, misty cloud forests, ancient relics a...

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Ultimate Galapagos: Central Islands (Daphne)

From: £2885.00

When it comes to encountering wildlife up close and personal, a voyage to the Galapagos Islands really is an experience like no other. Head underwater off Isla Santa Cruz, Bartolome or Isla Isabela...

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Jordan Family Holiday

From: £1070.00

Delve into the magical ancient world of Jordan on this exhilarating family adventure! This tour has been specially designed to highlight the most exciting corners of Jordan, from historical Jerash ...

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Epic Peru, Bolivia & Argentina

From: £3015.00

This 26-day adventure cover's all of South America's most iconic sights. Go wildlife-spotting in the heart of the Amazon jungle, walk in the footsteps of the Inca (or alternatively, take a leisurel...

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Crossing the Antarctic Circle via Falklands & South Georgia from Ushuaia

From: £8700.00

Become well acquainted with Antarctica's icy wilderness on this crossing of the Antarctic Circle that stops by the Falklands and South Georgia. Cruise across oceans bubbling with sealife, step foot...

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Delhi to Kathmandu

From: £1075.00

Travel from India to Nepal on an insightful overland trip from Delhi to Kathmandu. From reminders of the Mughal dynasty in northern India to the snow-capped Himalayas of Nepal, this trip will truly...

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Classic Tibet

From: £2708.00

Beginning in the compact capital of Kathmandu, embark on a fulfilling expedition to the mystical lands of Tibet. This 11-day journey will take you through the mountainous passes, past stunning lake...

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Beautiful Bali - For Solo Travellers

From: £695.00

On this new adventure, designed for solo travellers only, travel to Bali and discover Indonesia's beautiful island escape. Dotted with small, character-filled villages, smouldering volcanoes rising...

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Tanzania Family Safari

From: £1355.00

Experience East Africa with your family as you discover the wildlife, history, people, culture and beauty that spans across this incredible landscape. Roam the famous Serengeti National Park, nearl...

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Best of Argentina, Uruguay & Brazil

From: £1495.00

Hug the coastline of eastern South America on this amazing unplugged adventure. Discover an array of colourful Argentinean attractions, travel to Rio de Janeiro to soak up 'la vida' Brazil style an...

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Sacred Land of the Incas

From: £1802.00

The wonders of Peru and Bolivia await as you walk beneath the Amazon Jungle's lush canopy, trek the llama-filled plains of the Sacred Valley and stroll the cobblestone streets of Cusco on this 15-d...

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Discover Georgia & Turkey

From: £2105.00

See the highlights of Georgia and Turkey on an 18-day adventure through the cultural heart of this region. These two Black Sea bordering nations may be close, but the distinct differences in food, ...

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New Zealand South Island Discovery

From: £2112.00

While New Zealand’s North Island is known for its spectacular coastline, the South Island is gifted with gorgeous coast, rugged mountains, pristine glacier-carved landscapes and renowned wine. We’r...

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Papua New Guinea Firedance Festival

From: £2455.00

Travel deep into Papua New Guinea to experience local cultures, natural splendour and island life on a nine-day adventure culminating in the spectacular Baining Firedance Festival. Watch as local v...

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Sri Lanka Expedition: Wilderness & Wildlife

From: £1220.00

Unearth a region of wild delights on this expedition through the depths of Sri Lanka’s forests and national parks. Spend 12 days from Negombo traversing the thickets of Kumuna National Park to the ...

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Essential Southern Balkans

From: £806.00

Say hello to the Southern Balkans – steeped in medieval history, overflowing with kooky towns, and blessed with a spectacular coastline. This 9-day tour from Dubrovnik to the Greek island of Corfu ...

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Senegal & The Gambia Expedition

From: £1615.00

Discover wildlife-rich wetlands, desert dunes, delicate French colonial architecture and sleepy coastal villages during this 13-day Expedition through Senegal and The Gambia. See abundant, colourfu...

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Nepal: Women's Expedition

From: £1260.00

Through a mix of festival celebrations, cultural experiences and trekking in the Himalayas, this women’s only expedition will give you a unique insight into the diverse lives of Nepalese women. Mee...

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Andorra: Hike, Bike & Raft

From: £650.00

Prepare for some thrilling adventures during this action-packed week in the Pyrenees. Nestled between France and Spain, Andorra’s beautiful surrounding landscape provides thrillseekers with a setti...

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Discover Antarctica 10 days

From: £3820.00

Antarctica – it’s a place of extremes, where the wildlife and landscape paint a picture like nowhere else in the world. Take to the extraordinary islands around the Antarctic Peninsula, spending 10...

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Berlin to Rome

From: £2480.00

Embark on a tour of Europe as you travel from Berlin to Rome visiting Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. Discover some of the highlights of Europe from the r...

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Athens to Santorini

From: £1350.00

Embark on a tour through the Aegean Sea, taking local ferries around the Cyclades Islands. Indulge in a little island hopping and take the time to uncover remote ruins, gorgeous beaches and outstan...

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Real Egypt & Jordan

From: £1390.00

From the Land of the Pharos to the land of the nomads, take a trip you'll never forget through Egypt and Jordan. Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones, Tutankhamen. These destinations attract the big n...

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Wild Western USA

From: £1480.00

Get a dose of a classic American road trip on this 11-day wild western USA adventure. Stroll among the bizarre flora of Joshua Tree National Park, peer over the edge of the Grand Canyon and people-...

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Botswana Highlights

From: £1620.00

Containing in its borders the world's largest salt pans, inland delta and number of elephants, Botswana has plenty to boast about. Taking in also Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls and Namibia's Zambezi reg...

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Namibia Dunes

From: £1135.00

Discover one of the most incredible landscapes in Namibia when you pay a visit to the barren dunes of Soussusvlei. Explore the area by 4X4 and then take a walk around on foot. Climb the dunes for p...

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Cycle Prague to Vienna

From: £1335.00

Get your wheels moving on a cycling adventure through the Central European countryside, all the way from picturesque Prague to classic Vienna. This eight-day active trip meanders its way past medie...

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USA National Parks Explorer

From: £3915.00

Explore all the natural and urban beauty that western US offers. Spend time in the big parks of the States – Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Zion, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon and more. Discover a new land...

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Essential Turkey

From: £432.00

You’ll be hard-pressed finding a country that can provide all the goods of a cultural crusade – ancient ruins to explore, alluring beaches to swim at, local food to indulge in, lively cities to dis...

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Croatia Coastal Cruising: Split to Dubrovnik

From: £2160.00

Navigate the gorgeous coastline of Croatia in both style and comfort on this small-ship adventure cruise from Split to Dubrovnik. Soak up the sun, sea and salty sea breeze as you sail through the a...

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Tanzania Safari

From: £3255.00

Bursting with wildlife, the national parks of Tanzania will have you continually reaching for your camera. Meeting locals of Arusha, driving through the Kwakuchinja Wildlife Corridor and camping in...

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Real Cambodia

From: £562.00

Start in Ho Chi Minh City then hightail it to Phnom Penh, island visits near Kampong Cham, ancient wonders in Siem Reap and… fish pedicures in Bangkok? Sure, why not! Experience real Cambodia on a ...

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Christmas in Antarctica

From: £4585.00

Take the Christmas holiday of a lifetime – an 11-day expedition exploring the wonders of Antarctica. Set foot on the Antarctic Peninsula, spot seals resting on the icefloe and witness seabirds nest...

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Masai Mara Walk

From: £1525.00

Travel to Kenya and explore the Masai Mara with an expert guide. Take a guided walk to visit a Maasai homestead, and spot Africa's famed wildlife from safari vehicles through the reserve. Camp in a...

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Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland - Northbound

From: £8270.00

Nothing quite says adventure like approaching a shimmering glacier in a Zodiac or stopping in your tracks because you think you might have spotted a polar bear in the distance. But when you underta...

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Uluru and Arnhem Land Camping Adventure

From: £1364.00

Embark on a nine-day Northern Territory adventure from Alice Springs to Darwin, showcasing the region’s biggest and best drawcards. Check out Uluru at a stunning sunrise, wander through the mighty ...

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Vietnam & Cambodia Explorer

From: £1122.00

Experience the very best of South East Asia on this awesome adventure through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Enjoy a steaming bowl of pho from a street stall in Ho Chi Minh City, relax on a beach ...

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One Week Camping in Iceland

From: £990.00

Note to self – Greenland is the one with the ice, Iceland is the one with all the green, but you can see why people get the two mixed up. Now you know that, you’ll be able to see why Iceland is hig...

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One Week in Northern Thailand

From: £428.00

It’s only a quickie, but in that time we’ll get you on a bike, a sleeper train, a songthaew, a taxi, a tuk-tuk and a bus with the locals (if you’re nice they’ll even share their snacks). Down cockt...

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Namibia Discovery

From: £2254.00

Travel to Namibia and discover one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth. Crossing the border from South Africa, encounter Namibia's treacherously beautiful coastline, its soaring sand ...

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Highlights of Belarus

From: £1170.00

Castles, cathedrals, rich forests and soviet structures – Belarus is a diamond, shining with post-war intrigue. While much of the country has been shaped in some way by conflict, the result is a mo...

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Portuguese Camino

From: £1205.00

Challenge yourself to a journey from pretty Porto to the historic Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela on an 11-day alternative coastal Camino trail. This Portuguese Camino trail passes through coas...

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New York to Las Vegas

From: £2295.00

Cut through the heart of the United States between two of its most iconic cities – New York and Las Vegas. This epic 14-day whirlwind adventure gets you to all of the highlights without missing a b...

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Bangkok to Bali

From: £2890.00

South East Asia is brimming with colourful cities, picturesque coastline and delicious regional cuisine, and on this 28-day grand adventure from Bangkok to Ubud, discover all of its hotspots and hi...

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Jordan & Egypt Uncovered

From: £1840.00

From the mayhem of city souqs to the serenity of the endless desert, be invigorated by the fearless spirit of biblical prophets, dashing explorers and powerful pharaohs. Take in vibrant modern citi...

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Poland and the Baltics Explorer

From: £3020.00

Uncover the cultural riches and historical intrigues of four fascinating countries on a journey through Poland and the Baltic states. This 18-day highlights tour of Poland and the Baltics will get ...

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Madrid to Marrakech

From: £1845.00

Enjoy a first-hand experience of Spanish, Portuguese and Moroccan lifestyles. Travelling from Madrid to Marrakech, immerse yourself in the history of each destination, exploring ancient cultures th...

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Quarry Trail to Machu Picchu Extension

From: £750.00

Retrace the steps of the ancient Inca civilisation on the Inca Quarry Trail hike. Explore Cusco's maze of ruins and cobblestone streets, and discover the fascinating colonial and Inca histories tha...

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Best of Cuba

From: £1318.00

From Cuba's historical streets of Havana to the pristine shores of the Caribbean, stroll through World Heritage cities, relive a fascinating colonial history and experience the rich heritage of mus...

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Tamang Heritage & Langtang Valley Trek

From: £840.00

Sacred Tibetan culture permeates every inch of this 15-day Expedition, seemingly touching everything in its path. Venture deep into Tamang hinterland as you follow the quiet Tamang Heritage Trail (...

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Highlights of Ukraine

From: £1140.00

Ukraine may be off the tourist trail, but it certainly piques your interest – a confronting nuclear history, beautiful natural scenery and a charm that permeates through each place you explore. Spe...

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Thailand Family Holiday with Teenagers

From: £910.00

Explore the busy streets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai on this energetic family adventure in Thailand. Zipline through treetops, cycle around rural villages and kayak down the Mae Teang River. Experien...

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Melbourne to Alice Springs Overland

From: £875.00

Travel from Melbourne to the Red dirt of Alice Springs, taking in the region's biggest and best-known drawcards along the way. Drive the famous Great Ocean Road and Oodnadatta Track, hike the Gramp...

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Sydney to Brisbane Northbound

From: £1372.00

Explore wilderness, discover wildlife and indulge in wine on this laid-back adventure from the iconic cityscapes of Sydney to Queensland’s capital of Brisbane. Sample cheese and chocolate as you ve...

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Cambodia Express

From: £529.00

Set out on an insightful journey through the temple-strewn landscapes, traditional cultures and enthralling cities of Cambodia on this incredible nine-day express adventure. From the bustle of Thai...

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Tajikistan Discovery

From: £2005.00

Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan sprawl across the vast expanses of Central Asia but are still hidden from many visitor’s minds, despite offering outstanding beauty, simplicity and a feeling o...

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Best of Spain

From: £2225.00

Kick off this colourful Best of Spain tour in Madrid and let your imagination unfold on a journey through the beautiful Andalucian region. Visit the cities that reflect Spain's diverse history and ...

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Pure Galapagos (Daphne)

From: £2377.00

Few destinations rival the Galapagos for up-close encounters with wildlife, and this adventure focuses on the stars of the show. Enjoy a pure boat trip that’s free of detours, overnight stopovers a...

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Best of Indonesia

From: £2215.00

Far from ‘just another island getaway’, Indonesia is in many ways a whole world of its own, a sprawling constellation of distinct islands offering a staggering breadth of experiences. This immersiv...

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Rome to Sicily

From: £3790.00

Acquaint yourself with Italy's 'Eternal City' of Rome and learn about the catastrophic fate of Pompeii. Soak up the sunshine in the coastal town of Sorrento and explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast, ...

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Berlin to Venice

From: £1540.00

Journey along the enchanting road through Bohemia on this adventure-filled tour from Germany to Italy. Travelling from historical landmarks and medieval squares to magical hilltop castles and roman...

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Cambodia Discovery

From: £584.00

Take advantage of the South East Asia’s most vibrant countries on this unique adventure packed full of ancient sites and breathtaking beauty. Explore the hustle of Ho Chi Minh City's tourist spots ...

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Galapagos Discovery

From: £1465.00

Take a thrilling sojourn around the highlights of the unique flora- and fauna-rich islands of the Galapagos. From rubbing shoulders with prehistoric-looking giant tortoises and marine iguanas, to g...

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Okavango & Beyond

From: £1130.00

Soak up the sights and sounds of peaceful waterholes, meandering creeks and mighty rivers on this refreshing African adventure. Some of the continent's most iconic animals call Southern Africa home...

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Real Southern Africa

From: £1740.00

Four countries, eight national parks, 17 days, hundreds of animals, thousands of birds, and one unforgettable journey from South Africa through Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe and back. Rhino-track...

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Six Days in Cambodia

From: £268.00

Less than a week to see the most important stuff Cambodia has to offer? This trip has you covered. Hang in Phnom Penh where you can hoover up some street food, burl around in a cyclo and see some o...

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Beijing to Hong Kong Adventure

From: £1660.00

Hit the major sights and sounds of China on a 12-day adventure from Beijing to Hong Kong. See the Great Wall’s Mutianyu section, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, giant pandas in Chengdu, striking ...

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West Coast Encompassed Northbound

From: £2444.00

Western Australia is made for adventure and you’ll get the best of it with this all-encompassing exploration of natural wonders, vast expanses, and otherworldly landscapes. Leave from Perth, then h...

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Budapest & the Balkans

From: £900.00

Veer off the usual Balkan route and discover some of the region’s lesser-visited attractions on this intriguing backroads adventure. Starting off in cultured and cosmopolitan Budapest, travel on to...

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Classic Borneo

From: £1595.00

Have an essential Borneo experience on this ten-day adventure to its natural hotspots. Head into lush jungles, down scenic rivers and through the traditional villages of this beautiful region. On t...

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Kangaroo Island Adventure

From: £248.00

Check out a sea lion colony in Seal Bay, give sand boarding a shot in Little Sahara and perhaps head out on a walk in search of Vivonne Bay's wildlife. Spot koalas in Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary,...

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Madagascar Adventure

From: £1955.00

Create your own wildlife-filled jungle jaunt through Madagascar on a 14-day adventure to the island’s hotspots. You’ll be lazing on white-sand beaches, exploring tropical rainforests and spending t...

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Northern Territory Encompassed Southbound

From: £1557.00

Spend eight days uncovering the best of the Northern Territory on an Outback odyssey from Darwin to Alice Springs. Head out croc spotting in the Mary River Wetlands and get a taste of the tropics i...

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Yogyakarta's Secret Treasures

From: £555.00

Can't get enough of Indonesia? Spend some extra time in Java getting to know Yogyakarta, its cultural soul. Combine ancient sites, including the world's largest Buddhist temple, with a traditional ...

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Laos Traveller: Bangkok to Vientiane

From: £950.00

Experience the best of Thai and Lao sights, food and hospitality on a 14-day tour of their highlights. In Thailand, see where ancient and modern collide to create the glorious chaos of Bangkok and ...

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Cafe Colombia

From: £1430.00

Head into the serene highlands of Colombia's famed coffee region and discover the sweeter, softer side of this much misunderstood country. Learn how to roast the perfect blend during a tour of a wo...

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Sail Greece: Mykonos to Santorini

From: £1072.00

Move between the boat, the beach and inviting Greek villages on this relaxing Greece sailing adventure between Mykonos and Santorini. Wile away days swimming in turquoise waters, lazing on white-sa...

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India's Golden Triangle- For Solo Travellers

From: £540.00

Visit India and follow the famous Golden Triangle. On this adventure, designed for solo travellers only, enjoy the perfect introduction to India's three most popular destinations - Delhi, Agra and ...

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One Week in the Galapagos Islands

From: £630.00

The Galapagos Islands have a bit of a reputation – think the wildest wildlife, colourful underwater worlds and some of the most remote beaches and rock forms on earth. Spend nine days discovering t...

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Essential Borneo

From: £1076.00

You and Borneo meet in Kota Kinabalu – we think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Orangutans! In Sepilok! And elephants – maybe! – along the Kinabatangan River! Get hot and swe...

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Ultimate Silk Road: Beijing to Ashgabat

From: £5950.00

Unlock the secrets of the Silk Road on this immersive journey across Central Asia. From Beijing all the way to Ashgabat, this epic 41-day trip heads west across China, showcasing stunning relics, d...

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Budapest to Rome

From: £2935.00

Grand standing capitals and quaint seaside villages, hidden mountain hamlets and a city set on water – eastern Europe covers a pretty impressive gauntlet of visitor attractions. Discover the mainst...

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The Balkans Real Food Adventure

From: £1790.00

Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of the Balkans on a 12-day tour through Croatia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Along your way, stroll through lush national parks, discover quaint villag...

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Northern Poland & the Baltics

From: £1845.00

Uncover the cultural riches and historical intrigues of four fascinating countries on an 11-day tour with stops in northern Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Contrast the challenging stories o...

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Best of Sri Lanka

From: £1454.00

This tour eliminates guess work and immerses you in the must-sees, must-tastes and must-meets of this beautiful country. In other words, the best stuff. Like summiting Lion Rock in Sigiriya, cyclin...

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South India Revealed

From: £735.00

Unplug from everyday routine and head to the beaches and backwaters of southern India. Explore the lush landscapes, intriguing religions, exotic bazaars and incredible contrasts of this region. Jum...

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Cycle Sri Lanka

From: £1616.00

Ride through tea plantations, quaint fishing villages, and swathes of lush green jungle on this cycling adventure from Negombo to Colombo. Sri Lanka is gaining traction as one of Asia’s most exciti...

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Costa Rica Experience

From: £750.00

Discover a region of natural diversity, cultural riches and laidback vibes on a nine-day jungle jaunt through Costa Rica. Thanks to a longstanding tradition of preserving its natural assets, much o...

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Halong Bay Junk Cruise

From: £175.00

Prepare to be whisked away from the cosmopolitan streets of Hanoi to the serene landscape of the World Heritage-listed Halong Bay. Cast away on a traditional-style boat and set sail through hundred...

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Best of Chile & Argentina

From: £1522.00

Celebrate the energy and enthusiasm of Chile and Argentina on this journey from Santiago to Buenos Aires. Soak up the cuisine, arts and beauty of dramatic Santiago before adopting a slower pace at ...

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Great Ocean Road Adventure ex Melbourne

From: £333.00

Drive to Australia’s southern hotspots on a fast-paced three-day jaunt from Melbourne to Adelaide. Stop by the world-class surf break of Bells Beach, spot wild koalas at Kennett River and be captiv...

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Annapurna Base Camp Trek

From: £761.00

From ancient kingdoms to majestic mountain vistas, trek through the breathtaking Himalayan landscape of the Annapurna Ranges. Pass awe-inspiring glaciers, stay on the banks of pristine rivers, cros...

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Trek Ethiopia: The Simien Mountains

From: £1735.00

Experience the geological beauty of Ethiopia on a trekking adventure through one of the most dramatic landscapes in Africa. Observe the remnants of a once prosperous civilisation on a visit to Gond...

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Sri Lanka Expedition: Village & Tea Treks

From: £1275.00

Venture off the tourist trail and uncover the raw beauty of Sri Lankan paradise on this heart-pumping, soul-warming, active adventure that takes you behind the scenes of this irresistible island. T...

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Melbourne to Alice Springs Overland

From: £1089.00

Travel from Melbourne on a 10-day overland odyssey covering Australia’s mighty south. Weave your way along the acclaimed Great Ocean Road past the Twelve Apostles and London Bridge, take a scenic h...

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Nicaragua & Costa Rica

From: £489.00

Whether it’s the twin volcanoes reflected in the water of Lake Nicaragua, the smell of rich morning coffee in the streets of San Jose, or exploring the misty canopies of Monteverde's cloud forests ...

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Philippine Adventure

From: £2335.00

Discover spectacular mountains, picturesque rice terraces, stunning beaches and vibrant cities on a 19-day exploration through the heart of the Philippines. See the fusion of the past and present i...

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Kilimanjaro: Machame Route

From: £2338.00

Trek the amazing Machame Route to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest point. At high altitude, it's a challenging journey through uniquely varied terrain. Camp out at night and enjoy inc...

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Kilimanjaro: Marangu Route

From: £1751.00

This five-day climb is the most popular and direct of the Kilimanjaro routes and the only one serviced by mountain huts to provide protection from the elements. With one guide for every two passeng...

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Cote D'Azur Sailing Adventure: Nice to Marseille

From: £1215.00

This unique sailing adventure takes you to a side of France few get to see. Explore the exciting portside cities of Nice, Cannes and St Tropez, where glitz, a vibrant culture and lovely beaches awa...

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Trek Patagonia

From: £2414.00

Visit South America and travel to Patagonia - a fascinating region in the far south of Chile and Argentina, rich in natural beauty, dramatic vistas and cosmopolitan cities oozing with passion and c...

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Russia Expedition: Permafrost Railway & Ysyakh Festival

From: £2950.00

Siberia – the very word has become symbolic for all that is remote, rugged and mysterious. This 15-day Expedition is your chance to discover a region that is as enigmatic to outsiders as it is vast...

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Turkey Explored

From: £870.00

Travel from Istanbul through the very best of Turkey – Gallipoli, Fethiye, Pamukkale, Antalya, Cappadocia and Mount Nemrut – and discover the people, culture, cuisine and landscapes that make this ...

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Cycle Kerala

From: £864.00

Beyond the crowded sights of northern India lies another world, one where the rhythms of daily life are that bit slower and the surroundings that bit greener - a place that lends itself to leisurel...

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Kruger & Cape Town Short Break by Plane

From: £2400.00

Enjoy an incredible African adventure on this journey from Kruger National Park to the rugged beauty of sophisticated Cape Town. Feel the thrill of spotting one (or more!) of Africa’s Big Five for ...

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Gorillas & Game Parks

From: £1904.00

A close encounter with gentle giants on a gorilla safari in Uganda is an extraordinary African experience that will always stay with you – and it's just one of the many wildlife sightings this unfo...

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Sydney to Cairns Northbound

From: £2920.00

Explore Australia’s stunning east coast from the iconic cityscapes of Sydney to the tropical hub of Cairns on an epic trip that hits all the highlights in just two weeks. Sample wine and cheese as ...

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Five Days in Israel & the Palestinian Territories

From: £594.00

A place of miraculous conceptions, thwarted crucifixions and 40-day slogs through desert – you could say Israel and the Palestinian Territories has been through quite a bit. Kick off your five-day ...

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Holy Land Highlights

From: £1895.00

A journey through the Holy Land is way more than just a pilgrimage. Entrenched in the ancient but emphatically modern in outlook, nominally Jewish but with lots of Muslim and Christian influence, t...

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Western USA Highlights

From: £2715.00

Discover the captivating cities and astounding natural attractions of the USA's west on a 19-day adventure that will take you from lively Los Angeles to stylish San Francisco. Experience the wonder...

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Essential Sri Lanka

From: £675.00

Sri Lanka, land of rolling tea plantations, wild cinnamon groves, heaps of elephants and amazing surf breaks. And really incredible food. Chow on curry everywhere you go, check out where Buddha's t...

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Kenya to Vic Falls

From: £2615.00

Take in the very best of the African wilds on this action-packed journey from Kenya to Zambia. Starting in Nairobi, travel to the vast plains of the Serengeti and watch as elephants, giraffe and li...

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Cruising the Seychelles Islands

From: £2370.00

Pristine white sands lapped with dazzling turquoise waters. Swaying palms and jungle-clad hills. This remote archipelago scattered off the coast of Africa truly is a tropical paradise. Better yet, ...

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South China Getaway

From: £670.00

Enter a world of both natural wonder and big city glamour. Discover friendly people, a passionate food culture, historic sites and deep-seated traditions on this all-encompassing southern China exp...

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Georgia and Armenia Adventure

From: £1370.00

Head deep in the Caucasus on an 11-day extravaganza around the sights of Georgia and Armenia. Discover the religious significance of Yerevan and the ancient stone-carved monasteries dotted around t...

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Essential Galapagos

From: £1391.00

The Galapagos Islands have a bit of a reputation – think the wildest wildlife, colourful underwater worlds and some of the most remote beaches and rock forms on earth. Spend nine days discovering t...

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Trek Jordan

From: £1030.00

Experience the beauty and culture of Jordan on this exhilarating trekking adventure. Wander the streets of modern Amman, wind your way through breathtaking shepherd's paths in Mukair, float in the ...

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Cycle the Danube

From: £1120.00

Retrace the steps of the Roman, Ottoman and Turk Empires on this adventure along the mighty Danube River. Journey through picturesque villages, forests and lush farmlands as you cycle from Vienna t...

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Essential Diwali Festival in India

From: £369.00

Celebrate the festival of lights like a local and earn bragging rights for life. Explore the old city of Delhi wondering how some places could be so ancient yet at the same time really modern. Ride...

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Cambodia Real Food Adventure

From: £865.00

Cambodia has a unique and ancient food culture all its own, and unlike Thai and Vietnamese it's probably fairly difficult to find a bowl of it in your local neighbourhod. Using pepper rather than c...

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Borneo: Hike, Bike & Kayak

From: £1254.00

Borneo’s Sabah region is a natural paradise of steamy rainforests, towering mountains and beautiful beaches. This 9-day tour will get you active as you cycle through small villages, ascend to the s...

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Cycle the French Alps: Road Cycling

From: £1370.00

Welcome to road cycling – the Intrepid way. This trip takes you from the Jura Mountains to the mighty French Alps as you ride through the same terrain as the Tour de France. Earn your bragging righ...

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Six Days on the Inca Trail

From: £663.00

If you've only got time for the Inca Trail, or if Machu Picchu is on your bucket list, then this is your trip. With a local tour guide and enough porters to poke a (walking) stick at, you'll love e...

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Epic Nepal to India

From: £1066.00

Fill up on momos (steamed dumplings) in Kathmandu and get ready for a huge trip. We're talking rafting adventures and beach camps. Hit the Annapurna circuit for a glimpse of the mighty Himalayas. C...

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Northern Italy Family Holiday

From: £1575.00

Delight on a family-focused cultural exploration of the best sights and finest food that Italy has to offer on this 8-day tour of the country’s best. Get exploring in the winding canal maze of Veni...

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Russia to Kazakhstan Railway Adventure

From: £1575.00

This 12-day adventure tour from Russia to Kazakhstan will have you fully immersed in life in both Russia and contemporary Central Asia. Explore Soviet symbolism in Moscow and an former gulag site i...

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Ecuador: Hike, Bike & Raft

From: £1100.00

Work up a sweat getting an insight into the wonderful South American country of Ecuador on this active, ten-day journey. Hike from the glistening crater lake of Quilotoa to the tiny Andean village ...

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Central American Journey

From: £964.00

From tropical cloud forests alive with jungle melodies to vast freshwater lakes and active volcanoes, this pocket of Central America is a pure, unrefined paradise. Whether you’re relaxing beneath s...

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Road to Zanzibar

From: £1565.00

Explore the road to Zanzibar and find a bevy of sights, sounds and experiences that surprise and delight at every turn. Whether you’re looking out for lions in the Serengeti or hiking a lush mounta...

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India South & North

From: £2155.00

This extensive 29-day adventure through India takes you from bottom to top, revealing the icons and local secrets of this diverse country. Revel in the tropical climate, warm waters and lush green ...

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Eyre Peninsula Overland

From: £459.00

South Australia's Eyre Peninsula is one of the undisputed most beautiful coastal regions in Australia. This trip visits the stunning Flinders Ranges which in 2016 renamed Ikara-Flinders Ranges was ...

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Epic Mexico to Costa Rica

From: £1989.00

From cloud-shrouded volcanic peaks to sun-drenched beaches, lost temples to charming colonial towns, Central America is bursting with natural wonders and converging cultures. So, where do you begin...

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Everest Teahouse Trek

From: £975.00

Travel to Nepal and head to the Himalayan hills to get the full picture of Everest. Fly to Lukla then enjoy a four-day trek, staying in teahouses in the village of Phakding, the market town of Namc...

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Ecuador Highlights

From: £3065.00

Amazing wildlife, both on land and underwater, is the drawcard of the remote Galapagos Islands. Tour the Galapagos' outstanding natural beauty and interesting history by foot, boat and bike on this...

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Zanzibar to Vic Falls

From: £1016.00

This trip takes in four fascinating countries on a journey from the east of Tanzania down through Malawi, Zambia and finishing in Zimbabwe. Begin on the flawless beaches of Zanzibar, then travel th...

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Highlights of Andalucia

From: £1350.00

Marvel at the sights, sounds and smells of Andalucian country on this eight-day exploration of Spain’s south. Feast on a variety of region-specific tapas, explore historic hilltop cities and bask i...

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Mexico City to Oaxaca

From: £750.00

Say Hola to a tour that’s more than just tacos and tequila and prepare for una buena adventure into the heart and soul of Mexico. From Aztec to Zapotec, La Copita to Pasita – travel on this cultura...

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Iran Express

From: £922.00

Embark on a compact nine-day journey through Iran. Not only is this fascinating country a world apart from what’s often represented in the international media – it’s a delight to visit in the winte...

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Iceland Discovery

From: £2135.00

Travel to Iceland and delve into the ancient tales of Vikings and volcanoes on this eight-day adventure to its heartlands. Marvel at geothermal hot springs, witness the steamy eruptions of a giant ...

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Taste of Tasmania

From: £688.00

Much of this pristine wilderness state was – up until around 100 years ago – considered too remote to be used as much more than a penal colony. Fast-forward to now and that environment still remain...

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Mexico Real Food Adventure

From: £1030.00

Get an authentic taste of Mexico on this journey through some of the country’s most famous culinary regions. Meander through Oaxaca’s aromatic markets; take to the streets of Puebla to sample some ...

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Best of Argentina & Brazil

From: £1840.00

Get a taste of the rhythms of Argentina and Brazil on this southern adventure journeying from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, taking in the spectacular Iguazu Falls along the way. From tango to sam...

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Cycle Tuscany

From: £1350.00

Encounter the picturesque hills and olive groves of Tuscany on this cycling adventure from Florence to Pisa. Be rewarded after a day of pedaling through quaint villages with inspiring mountain view...

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Uganda Gorilla Short Break - Basix

From: £2280.00

Travel to Uganda and embark on a journey to meet one of the world's most endangered species - the noble mountain gorilla. Encounter Uganda's birdlife, frogs and butterflies while hiking through the...

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Greater Central Mexico

From: £2025.00

Say hola to an essential highlights tour of Central Mexico – more than just tacos and tequila – taking you into the heart and soul of this spicy land. Explore ruins at Teotihuacan and Tzintzuntzan,...

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Discover Morocco

From: £1745.00

Discover Morocco, the land of contrasts - soaring mountains, lush valleys, the vast, unforgettable Sahara Desert and often missed pristine waters hiding in secret valleys and sprawling untouched be...

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Lake Titcaca Homestay

From: £57.00

Sail close to the clouds on Lake Titicaca and meet the descendants of ancient civilisations that inhabit its islands. Feel the spongy reeds of the 'floating' Uros islands beneath your feet, learn a...

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China Highlights & Harbin Ice Festival

From: £1740.00

Get a taste of China on this cultural and ice-filled adventure. Travel from modern Shanghai to old Beijing, exploring bustling Xi'an on the way with the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors just a co...

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Cycle Costa Rica & Panama

From: £1140.00

From the deep rainforests of Panama to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, witness all the natural splendour of Central America from your unique vantage point in the saddle. Costa Rica and P...

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Highlights of India & Nepal

From: £1640.00

From the sacred River Ganges to the summits of the Himalayas, tour India and Nepal on a trip where adventure and discovery await. From the most exciting places to visit in Delhi to the towering pea...

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Best of Brazil & Argentina

From: £2255.00

Get a taste of the rhythms of Brazil and Argentina on this southern adventure journeying from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, taking in the spectacular Iguazu Falls along the way. From samba to tan...

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Tehran to Azerbaijan

From: £1115.00

Ever thought of Iran as a country of historic significance, natural beauty and cultural diversity? Wonder no longer with a nine-day Iranian adventure covering the northwest of this ancient land. Be...

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Grand South America

From: £6255.00

Get ready for the ultimate South American adventure on this journey from the Andean heights of Ecuador through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay until finally arriving in the vibrancy of Brazil....

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Northern Territory Encompassed Northbound ex Yulara

From: £1467.00

Embark on a nine-day Red Centre and Top End adventure – two regions of serene nature and sacred First Nations culture. Beginning in Yulara, see the rugged landscapes of the Outback, admire Uluru by...

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Costa Rica Family Holiday

From: £1305.00

Discover the incredible biodiversity of Costa Rica – and the culture shaped by the tropical wilderness – with your loved ones, on a trip that’s tailored for families. Pick produce and make dinner w...

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Grand Cuba

From: £1995.00

Discover the old and new faces of Cuba on an adventure through the country’s vibrant towns, vast plantations, myriad waterfalls and idyllic beaches. From the elegant streets of Havana to the colour...

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Barcelona to Berlin

From: £2365.00

Get the low-down on Europe’s best hotspots on a 15-day spirited adventure from Barcelona to Berlin. From Gaudi’s opulence to the poignant Berlin Wall art, you will be discovering more than just the...

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Borneo Highlights

From: £1085.00

The depths of Borneo are laden with rugged wilderness, fascinating sites and seriously welcoming people, so meander your way through the lush countryside on a ten-day tribes and wildlife tour of Sa...

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India Vegan Food Adventure

From: £760.00

The sights in India’s famous Golden Triangle are one thing, but golden doesn’t even begin to describe the richness of epicurean experiences in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Join this special vegan-themed...

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Central American Adventure

From: £1887.00

Explore colourful worlds – both on land and underwater – on an epic journey from the sunny beaches of Mexico through jungle and Caribbean coastline to the volcanic mountains of Costa Rica. This 33-...

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Spirit of Bali & Nusa Lembongan

From: £795.00

Why do I need an organised small-group tour through one of Asia’s most visited islands, you ask? Well, a nine-day real adventure of the sights, sounds and smells of traditional villages, untouched ...

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Eastern Europe Discovery

From: £3915.00

From the beautiful Baroque churches of Budapest and the haunted castles of Transylvania to the breakaway republic of Transnistria and the nuclear exclusion zone at Chernobyl, this 29-day Europe tri...

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Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands Odyssey

From: £10485.00

Immerse yourself in another world on this in-depth exploration of Antarctica. Travel aboard the superbly equipped Ocean Endeavour and follow in the footsteps of the legendary explorer Sir Ernest Sh...

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Cycle Cuba: East

From: £960.00

Experience Cuba from two wheels as you cycle around the east of this laidback Caribbean island. Travel the colourful streets of Havana, cycling alongside vintage cars on your way to the verdant Bay...

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Portugal Real Food Adventure, featuring Galicia

From: £1725.00

Uncover the flavours of Galicia and Portugal on this eight-day Real Food Adventure. Sample tender, paprika-infused octopus in Santiago de Compostela and learn how to whip up your own Galician seafo...

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