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Member since: 30th October 2007
Last trip: Finland
Next trip: China
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The world according to Rhoda1

Mountain/Desert/Ocean/Jungle... which one are you?
Ocean - in it rather than on it

What was your first great travel experience?
A six-month trip to the UK when I was 5 - it didn't make much of an impression! Much later, Morocco - it was just so jaw droppingly different. I couldn't stop talking about it - and I'm not a talkative person!

What has been your favourite journey?
It's always the last 10 minutes of the flight to Bermuda - coming in to land and seeing the islands spread out on a sparkling ocean. Magical

What are your Top 5 places worldwide?
Burma, Galapagos, Maldives, Sossusvlei, Masai Mara

Recommend a special place to stay
Norfolk Hotel, Nairobi

Which three items do you always pack?
camera, notebook, sense of adventure

Which passport stamp are you proudest of?
Galapagos National Park

Which passport stamp would you most like to have?
Papua New Guinea

Where or what is your guilty travel pleasure?
Nothing that I'm admitting to

Window or aisle?
Window every time!

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    When I was young, the term ‘bucket list’ had yet to be coined – but in all the best children’s stories you’re granted three wishes, aren't you
  • The Fallas of San Jose

    Whatever is rocking the neighbourhood, the city, the country or the world is ripe for caricature – and to be put on a pedestal for everyone to share the joke.
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    Q: What's happening? A: Not a lot, it seems.  The home page is unchanged since mid last week, not much new content going up ...  Is everyone estivating? Did anyone win that writing compet...
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    Hello all My brother is coming to England for a visit in May (2-3 weeks) and we're thinking of going to the Lake District for some of the time.  Any ideas as to where to go, what to see, where...
  • Disappearing experience
    My latest experience (Childhood Dreams) for some reason doesn't show up on 'my' page, which means I can't edit it.  (Or delete it, for that matter!)  Help please.
  • Problems with Experiences
    Two queries: First - why is that when I copy an Experience across from Word the formatting goes haywire and I have to spend the next ten minutes going through it deleting 'hidden' Returns so the line...
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