Er, Aylesbury...

How long were you there for?
Three nights

What was the single highlight of your trip?
Finding a good pub around three miles away from our major name hotel that did very good pub grub, so much so that we ate there three nights in a row.

Any lowlights/cautionary tales?
That we should have looked closer at the hotel booking site and chosen The Five Bells as mentioned above - the joys of quick decisions when dropping everything to go and sort out a family emergency...

Any absolutely MUST see sights/activities?
Not much in the way of looking at sights or activities. Did start singing Marillion's Market Square Heroes and Bowie's Five Years in the Market Square as both apparently inspired by Aylesbury Market Square...

Any absolutely DON'T see sights/activities?
None noted - spent second day in the hotel dealing with a tooth problem, just four days after a dental check-up. Dealt with by paracetemol, Bonjela and Clove Oil - all from the usual wasbag contents!

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
If you're killing time, find a good pub, get a pint and watch the world go by. Just one pint though in my case - joys of Warfarin after a stroke!

I wish I'd known...?
How much time I would have to kill, but needed to be on the end of the phone, even when the tooth problem kicked in.

Any other comments?
Managed to find the Rohan store in Milton Keynes - self and GF did a bit of stocking up...

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