Andalucia by bus

How long were you there for?
Twelve days

What was the single highlight of your trip?
Real Alcazar in Seville - close run thing though as we also visited The Alhambra in Granada and Mezequita in Cordoba. Difficult decision!

Any lowlights/cautionary tales?
Don't rely on printouts from Apple Maps to get you to your accomodation quickly on foot. Gave up after Cordoba and took taxis to hostel in Granada and hotel in Malaga - less money for tapas, coffee or beer, but we got there without any difficulties!

Any absolutely MUST see sights/activities?
Take a good wander around all of the above cities and don't just go to the main attractions listed in the guidebooks. There are times when you stumble across places or find good cafes or flamenco clubs by talking to locals.

Any absolutely DON'T see sights/activities?
None that we can think of...

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
Take a bus or two between cities to get a different perspective of life away from the big city. We took the slow coach between Cordoba and Granada (4 hours) and didn't regret it...

I wish I'd known...?
What the maximum penalty was for taking selfie sticks off people and putting said sticks where the sun don't shine!!!

Any other comments?
We definitely blew our food budget on all bar three nights of our trip, but we ate well and appreciated the food, wine, coffee and beer at lunch times and during evening meals.

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