South Africa

How long were you there for?
16 days

What was the single highlight of your trip?
Seeing a pack of wild dogs at dawn

Any lowlights/cautionary tales?
The wide gap of poverty & wealth in Cape Town

Any absolutely MUST see sights/activities?
Wild elephants, I must admit they hadn't been on my list when heading out but they were extraordinary!

Any absolutely DON'T see sights/activities?
If you have a weak tummy stay away from trips to see the Sharks ~ almost everyone on our boat was sick! Most of them did say it was worth it in the end!!

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
Get out in the bush, and don't just look at the sky line. The little guys are amazing too!

Any other comments?
Holiday of a life time that did not disapoint.

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  • 12th November by DrG

    Hi Gem... I see you are trying to post some pics so I hope you are succesful soon so we can share in your recent travels further. The images aren't too large are they? Anyway, very interested in where you saw the dogs? Cheers, DrG

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  • 14th November by Lyn Hughes

    Yes, where did you see the wild dogs?? How fantastic.

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  • 16th December by Gem24


    We were in the Timbavati reserve.  There were about 8 adults and 5 pups. Really playful ~ one of the pups picked up a stick in its mouth that was a bit too big for it!

    I'll try and get some photos on soon!

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