A taster of Brunei's peat swamp and rainforest habitats

Part of the trip - Borneo Tropical Ecology & Conservation 2010

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  • 22nd July by Angela R

    In case you manage to actually find this comment:-

    Really enjoyed this video, loved the shots of the misty rain forest canopy. How mean to make your students hang off rocks with their head in the water!

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  • 22nd July by DrG

    Found it..... and thanks Angela! I can take little credit except for forcing those poor students into compromising positions.... I managed to bring them all back though!

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  • 29th August by ttbko

    Despite the number of creatures with more legs than me, this is a fascinating video. I particularly love that tropical rain! Nothing quite like it anywhere. Incidentally, its now 10.35 on 29th August, wonder when you'll find this....

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