Slano, Croatia

How long were you there for?
1 week

What was the single highlight of your trip?
Wine tasting on the Pelješac peninsula followed by lunching on a mountain of shellfish in Mali Ston. The reigon produces a light and peppery Plavac Mali which is closely related to the Zinfandel grape. Goes great with freshly shucked oysters and garlicky clams and mussels. Yum!

Any lowlights/cautionary tales?
When the cruise ships dock there is chaos on the roads in and out of Dubrovnik. The Police close off the major thoroughfare into the city and funnel the traffic in via the port. This means long queues and up to 2hr delays! Also excpect up to 10,000 extra tourists in the city on those days.

Any absolutely MUST see sights/activities?
The walls of Ston (500 steep steps up & 500 not-so-steep steps down - fab quad workout!), the Trsteno arboretum (cool & peaceful on a hot day), the Imperial Fort at Srd (decent War museum & great views), drinks at Cafe Buza in Dubrovnik (a little oasis perched on the rocks beneath the city walls)

Any absolutely DON'T see sights/activities?

If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?
If you plan to visit the Mostar bridge, allow yourself enough time to swing by Počitelj, a pretty 15th century Ottoman fortified town. Climb the walls for a great panaroma of the valley and dine on shish kebabs and Turkish coffee.

I wish I'd known...? much there was to see and do - I'm kicking myself for not staying longer! Sea kayaking, sailing and visiting Korčula & Split will have to wait for another time...

Any other comments?
There is some great walking to be done on the Dalmatian coast but be warned the hills are steep, the paths are not well marked and there are lots of snakes! Don't let this put you off though, just wear sturdy shoes, carry a map and if you're out of puff take a breather and take in the view.

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  • 28th May by Alan Taylor

    I love it Betty - so many elements of a great holiday but THE highlight is wine-tasting.  Sounds like my sort of thing.  I've not been to Croatia for over 40 years but the more I read the more I feel I should return, and you've just pushed it a few more notches up the list!

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