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    Writing Competition (April): The strangest thing I ever saw while travelling…

    For our April Writing Competition, we’d like to hear your stories about the strangest thing you ever saw while travelling.

    Have you come across any incredible animal behaviour on a jungle trek or seen weird and wonderful creatures while diving in the ocean? Perhaps you’ve witnessed fascinating tribal rituals or ceremonies in a remote village, or witnessed extreme piercings, tattoos or other local customs. What about unique dances or performances, local delicacies, or traditional games? Perhaps you’ve even seen something you couldn’t explain, or a UFO in one of these places:

    Tell us the strangest thing from your travels that left an impression on you.

    We’d like to hear your entertaining and inspiring stories. The writer of the best story will win a goody bag filled with prizes. 

    Try to vividly evoke the setting in your story. Tell us where you were, the context, the build-up, more about your trip, but the focus should be on the strangest thing that you encountered. 

    For the Writing Competition, post your story (no more than 700 words) via myWanderlust. Sign in or create an account, and upload your story to the Experiences section of the website. Give your Experience piece any title you like, but include “The strangest thing I ever saw while travelling” somewhere in the title so we can find your story.

    Closing date: Friday, April 21 at 10am. 

    Please Note: You can enter from anywhere in the world, but we're only able to send prizes to UK addresses.

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    Posted 7 April


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