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    Scotland's western isles

    In a couple of weeks my boyfriend and I are heading to Scotland's westerns isles for about 10 days. We're looking to do a bit of camping, stay in the odd B&B, some windsurfing and some kayaking.

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has been , or who lives there! Any tips and tricks are really appreciated too.

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    Sarah Kiernan

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    Posted 11 September 08


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    I went to Mull back in May this year and it's one of the best places I've been in the UK for wildlife. On land, there's plenty of birdlife to spot and you'll see much more if you join one of the very informal nature tours around the island - just ask at one of the tourist information offices for details. At sea, there are whale watching trips from several Tobermory and Ulva with good success rates for sightings (check out the Hebredean Whale & Dolphin Trust for details). The Treshnish Isles are also worth a visit, particularly if the Puffins are still on the island at this time of year. Hope you get some reasonable weather and that the midges have given up for the summer!

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    Ross Bishop

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    Posted 12 September 08
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    I particularly like the small island of Barra. It's easily combined with the other Outer Hebrides - and with Skye if you want. If you have not already looked at Calmac's Island Hoppers, it could well help.

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    Posted 13 September 08
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    Thanks for the tips. Fingers crossed the weather is not too bad. Sarah

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    Sarah Kiernan

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    Posted 15 September 08
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    In no particular order, I like Iona, Barra, Islay and Jura. And do lookinto Calmac's Island Hopscotch ticket. Enjoy!

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    Posted 17 September 08
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    Island of Rum is a superb place. Kinloch Castle is really worth a visit, it was abandoned by a very rich Victorian merchant and it is exactly as he left it - He was a bit of chancer so the guided talks are superb. You can stay in the castle if you want in a dorm. Alan

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    Posted 22 September 08
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    You should also try going to Eigg. It´s quite easy to get to from the mainland (try Arisaig or Mallaig). The community there are extra friendly, and they have a lot to show for it. They now even have their own wind farm. I was there last year for their 10th anniversary ceilidh... Best time I´ve had in a long time. One of my friends from home recently moved there and she loves it. Just beware of midgies during summer!

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    0 post | 4 responses

    Posted 13 October 08

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