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    'Naval' gazing from a Frommer's viewpoint

    I must admit to asking a similar Q back in GoW days about Cultural Capitals
    and what they mean to the lay-visitor. However, since there is a
    plethora of new posters on MyW, especially on the Forum, perhaps some
    might like to chip in.

    There was a ruck of responses on the Forum earlier this year to a load
    of list-type 'where would you go' questions: bucket lists, if time and
    money wasn't an issue lists, etc, etc.

    I see Frommer's have just published their must-sees for 2012 featuring
    Greenwich 'for it's ability to reinvent itself since emerging as a naval
    HQ in C18., as well as its remarkable baroque facades designed by such
    luminaries as Wren, Hawksmoor, and Vanbrugh. It's going to be difficult
    to judge if Frommer's listing has any impact on Greenwich in 2012
    because its a host for the Olympics anyway.

    That aside, as a resident of Greenwich, I'm more concerned that the
    price of beer in my local boozer is going to go up and my favourite spot
    in  the park for musing will be overwhelmed with ANOther tourist, most
    likely American. But if I were a visitor to Greenwich just after
    Frommer's have made their announcement, am I going to be disadvantaged
    by price hikes and increased visitor numbers clogging everything up?

    We may all have our own lists but do MyWs actually respond to lists like
    this? And does anyone at Wanderlust Towers have any data to say whether
    prices / visitor numbers go up in response? Cheers, DrG

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    Posted 27 October 11


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    I guess it does affect me to some degree, as I see that lonely planet just came out with top places for 2012, and quite a few of the places are high on my list.

    Although when it comes to a city, what intices typically is the cities history, heritage these aren't going to change very quickly, so I don't typically listen to these types of things when it covers cities...

    Countries is a different matter I feel, because you know that the country is going to change rapidly with increasing tourism levels, the people will typically change, the places will lose some of their in that sense, it pushes me to go before they are become like everywhere else.

    I do wonder about some of their choices though...I see LP has put Northern Kenya high up on their list of places for 2012...I'm not expert on the place, but isn't that a bit of a hotspot at the moment?

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    Posted 31 October 11

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