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    Happy Easter and where is everyone travelling?

    Am I missing it or has there been no 'where on to this month' in April and we are almost midway? Or maybe everyone is away and busy, and I am the sad one home over Easter weekend (sigh!).

    Nothing planned until end of this month when we spend a weekend in Wales with friends in Skandavale.

    But where is everyone else travelling now or planning to go this month?

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    Posted 14 April


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    Tend to stay home over holiday weekends. All the main attractions are packed, as are the roads. Used to live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and what was normally a 45 minute run to GF's house became a 2hr 45 epic over a holiday weekend.

    The box sets come out when it rains - The Bridge S3 to finish off Saturday this weekend as GF is on a fourteen hour nursing shift and Series 1-4 House Of Cards may be the next one to buy!

    if it's fine then it could be a walk in the woods to the pub in the next village - an early visit before the pub's car park fills up with Audis, Beemers and assorted SUVs...

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    Posted 14 April
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    Happy Easter.  We're currently in Bariloche, Argentina, and are enjoying the chocolate festival. On Thursday, we watched them make what they claim is the world's longest chocolate bar - it is 200 metres long. Once finished, they break it up and hand it out to the crowd - very tasty!

    After here, we have another five weeks in Argentina, picking off a few places that we haven't been to before, or want more time in.

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    Around the world in 8000 days

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    Posted 15 April
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    Off to Tavira. Portugal on Weds. This is the less touristy part of the Algarvw so expecting fewer crowds than in the big resorts.

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    Posted 16 April
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    I'm firmly grounded this month... but love the UK at this time of year anyway.

    And saving my next adventure for May when I am off to Macedonia again J

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    Lyn Hughes

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    Posted 18 April
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    Happy belated Easter everybody! I had family visiting me in Belfast so we managed a few trips out and about. Also starting planning for a summer trip to Norway which I'm really looking forward to.

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    Posted 21 April
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    Just got back from a week in Morocco. We try to take advantage of the two extra days off to save on some precious annual leave.

    It was unseasonably hot (as my weather app kept telling me) but we had a great time navigating the souks of Marrakech and doing a street food tour. We stayed a night in the Valley of the Roses, which was beautiful, and a night in the Sahara. I'd done roughly the same thing around 10 years ago and I don't remember there being as many tour buses on the roads, but I held my tongue on the whole "well this place was different quieter 10 years ago..." because it was my husband's first trip to Morocco and it's not fair to imply he's missed the best of it. Besides, I think the drive time was cut down by at least two hours with various road improvements and the Sahara hasn't changed (obviously).

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    Posted 22 April
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    Happy Easter . Just got back from Dubai :) Believe me its a best place for holidays. I started my Travel from London  Gatwick Airport booked my hotel and  meet and greet parking services at and treated my self as a guest :D i hope you people enjoyed alot. 

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    Posted 28 April

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