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    Donegal, up here it's different....

    Up here it's different - so says Tourism Ireland on the covers of their County Donegal brochures. Now all travellers may not subscribe to that adage and ye goWanderers are certainly a rather discerning bunch!
    But what happens when two of us goW's get to hang out for a day? Recently I had the pleasure of enteraining travmaz and her Dad for a day in Fintown. Is that a first, one goW member tours AN Other goW member around the home sod?? Not without some prior trepidation - this lady is an avid traveller, with a sharp eye for a photo as we all know, and moreover, how will I entertain her partially sighted, late octogenarien father? Not a bother - well I can't slag trav off here - but I will humbly say that I hope I'm half the man her Dad is should I ever reach that noble age. A memory like the fabled elephant and a sharp mind to boot. Lets hear it for his fount of literature, history and classical music....

    Anyway, I digress, as I would love to give you an insight into off-the-beaten-track Donegal within a mere 10 mile radius of Fintown from travs discerning eye - and I do recall so many wondering about the Fintown Trekker name in the early days and as to whether Fintown was a place or not!! It is but sure it's a state of mind also...! I have added a wee bit of detail by way of comment to most of travs photos though I am rather impressed with her memory/grasp of geography with the detail already in the title & descriptions given that I did not see a pen all day! Rest assured many of these shots would not be seen on a 'regular' tour of Donegal. The 'roads' taken are conducive to giving you piles in yr backside!! Links to travs two photo pages: Enjoy hopefully! Cheers....FT 

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    Fintown Trekker

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    Posted 25 August 09


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    Jeez FT... it is different up there... following yonder links, I had no idea the Darius Palace and the Tomb of Artexshirkers were in Co. Donegal...

    Travmaz has scuppered your well intentioned promotions! But never fear.... all fuel to my fire of getting over there to see you and your lough. Cheers, FITDW

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    Posted 26 August 09
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    I agree Fin, Maz's pictures are lovely!  It is my plan to hopefully be subject to the personal tour by the Trekker.

    This was a really lovely read, not sure what more to say. glad you all had a good time

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    84 post | 862 responses

    Posted 26 August 09
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    Cheers and thanks FT!

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    Posted 26 August 09
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    Sorry! That would be different if them Persian fellas were to turn up on the lakeshore in Fintown. Mind you there is a fair chance they were routed from the area by Fionn McCumhaill, Óisín and the Fearghamhain in days of yore and myth....travmaz is an expert in those warriors now! But yeah it looks like page/photo links do not remain static as a person adds more stuff - so ye better step back a couple of pages through maz photos to sample the glories of Fintown versus Iran!!!

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    Fintown Trekker

    59 post | 481 responses

    Posted 27 August 09

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