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myWanderlust is our online community and is ideal for sharing and discussing your travel experiences and for meeting like minded individuals.

This FAQ aims to be your first port of call if you get stuck using the community areas of the site. If it doesn't help, or you continue to have problems, you can always email the web team at website@wanderlust.co.uk.

Please also make sure that you check out our Community Rules.


Before doing anything on the Wanderlust website you need to register. Simply go to the registration page and fill in the details. Please note if you are NOT a magazine subscriber you won't have a Subscriber ID, just leave it blank in this case.

If you have a log-in already, you will get an error message if you try registering using the same email address - simply use the Forgotten password link on the sign-in form.

Posting or responding to a question on the forum

To post a question on the forum, first sign in using your login details, then go to the forum.

To post to the forum, click on the Ask a Question tab on the right-hand side of the main forum page.

Select a category for your post, if your thread a subject (try and make this as informative as possible) and finally add your text.

In addition, you can optionally tag your forum post to a specific destination or trip type. 

When you are ready, click on the Post your Question button at the bottom.

To answer or respond to an existing thread simply go to that thread, scroll to the bottom and start typing your answer. Please see our note on common text gotcha's below.

Sharing your Photos

The old adage of a picture is worth a thousand words is never truer than when it's said about travel. We have some fantastic photographers in our community and everyone has something to contibute, from that fantastic polar bear shot to the wares on a local market stand to a classic saffron coloured monk photo.

We want you to upload and share your fantastic travel photos. Photos are arranged in galleries with up to 20 photos in each gallery, there's no limit to the number of galleries you can have.

To add a gallery, simply click on My Photos from the right hand panel when logged in. Click on Add new gallery, supply a gallery name, a description, any relevant tags that might apply and click on Save Gallery. Please note we talk about trips here.

Once your gallery is created, we can now add images to it.  Add a title and a caption for your image. These should give as much information as possible about where the photo was taken and the circumstances around it. Then click on the Choose file button, select your image and then click on the Save Photo button. You can add as many as 20 photos to a gallery and as few as one. Images must be 3MB or less.

If you're having problems uploading your photos, please check out our images guide.

Writing about your Experiences

Tell the world about your travels! Travel is all about experiences from the people you meet to the things you see and do. 

To add an Experience, simply click on My experiences and then click on Add new experience. Tell us when it was, give it a title and a stand-first/introduction and away you go. If you use Word or something similar to write up your experience, please check out our common text gotcha's below.

You can also include photos in your experience. Please see our Preparing images section below on size constraints. Once you've prepared your photo, click on the Choose file button, select your image and then click on the brown Load button. A thumbnail of your image will appear after a few seconds. Simply drag and drop it to where you want it to appear in your text. It is best to move it to the beginning of a paragraph. The image will automatically be placed on the right with the text flowed around it on the left. The image will also automatically be sized to 250px. If you would like to change the side that the image appears on, select the image by clicking on it once, then right-click and select Properties. In the box that appears, click on Alignment and change it to left.

There is no limit to the number of images you can include in an Experience.

Finally you can select to add destination or activity tags to your Experience to help people find it.

Optionally you can choose to add the Experience to a Trip you have created here.

Just Back From somewhere? Tell us about it!

Not a photographer or writer? Or just not got time to do a full experience or photo gallery? That's fine, we still want to hear about your travels! That's why we created Just Back From. There's 9 simple questions, and you can still show off about where you've been!

To add a new Just Back From, click on My Just Back From and then Add new Just Back From. Fill out the 9 questions (max 300 characters on each), add destination tags and click on Save and publish and you're done! Your travel endeavours will appear on the site shortly,

So, what's a Trip and why do I keep seeing it?

The idea behind a Trip is that it acts as a container for your pre-trip research and for your experiences and photos you want to share when you come back. Before you go somewhere, you can create a trip and then use the Clippings function on any Wanderlust content to essentially bookmark any articles or blogs that you use for your trip research.

Create a Trip by clicking on My Trips and then either using the Travel Plans or the Where I've Been links. Once a trip is created, you will be able to tag Experiences and Galleries to that trip. These photos and experiences then link each other allowing people to find both easily.

And what are these Clippings?

Clippings are the Wanderlust equivalent of bookmarks. On all content around the Wanderlust website, you will find a pink scissors icon just below the main image. Please note this only appears once you're logged in. You can then clip any articles, blogs, news stories or other myWanderlust content to keep it for later. This is useful when you're researching a trip.

Some common gotcha's

The formatting of my text has gone all funny!

If you've typed up your text in Word or something similar and then copy and pasted it over, the formatting might behave strangely.

Basically Word tries to be too clever and pastes the formatting over as well, this then clashes with the website formatting and you can end up with text all over the place!

Solution: On all the large text boxes, there is a button that looks like a clipboard with a black W on it. Click on this, paste your text from Word into the window that pops up and click on OK. It will remove the formatting information from your text and everything will look fine.

Preparing images for galleries or experiences

Images should be re-sized before uploading them to the Wanderlust website. Images on any website will have a size limit, they simply do not need to be the mega-pixels that your camera produces. The images that are uploaded to the Wanderlust website are limited in size to a maximum of 3MB. If you have trouble uploading your image, 9 times out of 10 will be because it's too big. Please use an application such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or many others, including many free ones, to reduce the size of your image. 

Images should be saved for the web which reduces the number of pixels in the image (for those more technically minded this should be between 72 and 96 dpi). Finally, we don't need images which are thousands of pixels across. For best results we suggest landscape images be around 920 pixels wide by 552 pixels high.

If you do have a problem uploading an image it may be because of a size issue, secondly it may be due to a slow internet connection. In this case, leave it for a couple of minutes and try again. If you continue to have problems, please email the web team at website@wanderlust.co.uk


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