Community Rules

There are just a few simple house rules for myWanderlust

Keep it legal

It is your responsibility to comply with the law in your use of the site. Don't promote illegal activity or post unlawful material.

Keep it clean

Decent and proper posts only. No swearing, obscene material or posts that may offend others or spoil their enjoyment.

Keep it non-commercial

myWanderlust is for you to share your personal experiences. It is for individuals only, not companies. It is not to be used for advertising any commercial concerns. We will remove...

- Any SEO link building, promotion of hotels, trips, tour companies, guiding services etc

- Any username that is a website url

- Any username that is a business name

- Any user with a profile image that is a logo or other commercial entity

In these cases, your account will be suspended or deleted.

Respect other people

Treat others as you would like to be treated. We will not tolerate racist, sexist or homophobic material. Don't defame others or you may get sued. Think carefully before posting photos of children – yours or other peoples'.

In addition, we will not tolerate any bullying or belittling behaviour. If someone is a new member or new to travel, they may post questions which you deem ridiculous or simplistic. Remember how you were when first starting out travelling and either respond constructively or don’t respond at all. If you feel a comment is not appropriate either use the “Report as inappropriate” link or email the Wanderlust web team.

Don’t plagiarise

You must have the right to post anything you include on the site. Don't copy the work of others. Don't post anything you're not happy for us or others to use. Any content deemed to be copied will be deleted.

Don’t be disruptive

No spamming, flooding the boards with multiple versions of the same or similar messages, 'chain-mail', disruptive advertising or other activity which may annoy. Please only raise genuine complaints to the moderator.

Be careful

Be wary of disclosing your personal information to others on the site.

Your views

Your views are your own. Other users' views are theirs. They are not necessarily ours. Wanderlust Publications Ltd, reserves the right to remove offensive, obscene, prejudicial, commercial or plagiarised material.

Finally, Wanderlust reserves the right to suspend or permanently delete any account (including all content) it deems to be in breach of any of the above with no prior warning.


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