Watch turtles lay their eggs on the Haron Island beaches (Heron Island)

Virgin Australia set to increase domestic flights

1st December 2011

Virgin Australia is preparing to introduce a third daily flight from Brisbane to Gladstone, making domestic travel easier and cheaper for travellers

Due to the popularity of the twice daily service from Brisbane to Gladstone, Virgin Australia is preparing to introduce a third daily flight in January 2012. Running Monday to Fridays from as little as £56 (A$88) one-way, the twice daily service already offers easy and cheap travel to travellers and locals alike; a third service is expected to add to the appeal.

December is the perfect time for travellers to take advantage of the frequent and inexpensive service, by exploring the tropical paradise of Haron Island, a coral cay just off the north-east coast. Haron is renowned for its surreal diving and snorkelling opportunities, and is a perfect introduction to the Great Barrier Reef, teeming with biodiversity and home to 72% of the species found on the reef.

For a close and personal wildlife encounter, nature lovers can witness the slow journey of the Green Sea Turtle and Loggerhead Sea Turtle, as they make their way up the white sandy beaches of Heron and Wilson islands to lay their eggs during December's nesting season.

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