US officials are more intimidating than any other, according to the survey (dreamstime)

US home to 'most intimidating' border officials

13th October 2013

A new study reveals where the most intimidating border officials work, with the US, UAE and Mexico topping the list

The study, based upon travellers' opinion, found that the US has the most intimidating staff on show at airports and borders. Travellers cite a 'lack of humour', 'intimidating demeanour' and 'obvious weaponry on show' as three main reasons for unease when entering a country. The official's uniform and scanning equipment also featured as factors.

Those who took part in the study were first asked, 'When travelling, do you ever feel intimidated by border staff in airports?' to which 61% admitted that 'yes' at some stage they had felt scared. The remaining 39% claimed never to have felt trepidation when going through border controls.

After being asked 'how they felt' when moving through security or border controls, 31% admitted a 'general sense on unease', while 27% said they often felt that they had 'done something wrong'.

The world's top 10 most intimidating border staff are from:

  • The US
  • Dubai/UAE
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • UK
  • Israel
  • Pakistan
  • Venezuela
  • Cuba

Do you agree with the survey's results? Or have you found another country more daunting on arrival? Post your thoughts and experiences below.

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