Tigers increasing in Nepal (dreamstime_5445347)

Tiger population increases in Nepal

2nd August 2012

The WWF report that the tiger population in Bardia National Park has doubled

The Bardia National Park in Nepal was once home to a lowly 18 tigers but a recent report by the WWF has reported that the current population has now doubled. The park covers an area of 400 square miles and the recorded increase provides evidence that the battle against tiger poachers in Nepal is currently being won.

Nepal have experienced many problems with illegal wildlife trafficking and tigers in particular have suffered greatly from poachers, with many being killed for their parts, almost rendering them extinct. In 2000, Nepal had a total tiger population of 350 but within eight years this had plummeted to 121. The Bardia national park in Nepal was expanded in 2009 in order to protect the tiger population.

Although the figure of 37 is still low it is a step in the right direction in the midst of strong government support and hard work from local rangers. Rangers are on hand to oppose poachers and Nepal has set up 44 new range posts, which are spread across several protected areas.

“Without these dedicated frontliners working hard to stem out poaching, tiger range countries cannot hope to achieve the goal of doubling wild tiger numbers by 2022,” says Craig Bruce, Tigers Alive Initiative protection expert.

The report carried out by the WWF identified the tigers via camera traps and counted 15 male and 22 females roaming in the park. It is hoped the numbers will continue to increase and the current tigers go on to produce more numbers in the coming years.

Another recent report has put Nepal second on a list of nations preventing the trade of tigers, elephants, and rhinos. This commitment to wildlife from Nepal follows last week's news that India’s supreme court has banned tourism in core areas of tiger reserves.

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  • 2nd August by Liz Cleere

    Come on tigers, don't let the Chinese medicine alchemists beat you! Marvellous to hear some good news for a change :-)

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