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Thrillaxing: a new travel trend?

4th November 2011

Research reveals that travellers feel more relaxed and refreshed after an active trip compared to a beach break

The majority of British travellers would rather opt for an active break to reduce stress, rather than lounge on a beach for a fortnight, research commissioned by holiday website iExplore has found.

This new travel trend, dubbed 'thrillaxing', is picking up pace in the UK with two thirds of survey participants saying they believe a more adventurous holiday is the key to escaping the stresses of everyday life.

Around 75% of travellers said they believe an active break abroad helps keep the mind active and shuts out concerns of home and the office, with 80% of parents saying that they find an adventurous holiday banishes any thoughts of home-related problems.

On the other hand, those that opt for beach holidays instead admitted that they spend their time fretting about trivial concerns, with 29% saying they worry about how much money they are spending, 24% concerned with needing to go on a diet when they return home, and 18% stressing about the backlog waiting for them at work.

Another benefit of 'thrillaxing' claimed by survey participants is the positive effect it can have on relationships, with 58% of people saying an active body and mind gives you more to talk about while away.

Another study published earlier this week claimed that British travellers prefer to take short trips to reduce stress. What type of break do you look to go on to recharge your batteries? A 'thrillaxing' escape or a short break? Or perhaps a mixture of both?

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