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'No salmon fishing in Yemen', warns tourist board

6th May 2012

Following the release of Ewan McGregor's new film, the Yemeni tourist authorities have been “inundated” with requests for information on fishing trips to the arid country

The Yemen Tourism Promotion Board has issued a statement warning would-be British travellers that there is unfortunately no salmon fishing in the Yemen. The tourism  authorities have been overwhelmed with inquiries following the release of the film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

“There's been a real surge in visitors to our website since the film. There's been thousands of visits to our website,” said Benjamin Carey, a Yemen Tourism spokesman.

“One negative is that salmon fishing isn't actually that popular in Yemen, but there are excellent sea fishing opportunities in the country,” he continued.

However, security issues continue to hamper travel to the Yemen; last month the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issued a red warning against all travel to the west Asian country, citing civil unrest, violent clashes and the danger of kidnapping as a real threat.

But Benjamin spoke out against the warning: “Unfortunately the EU is currently advising against travel to Yemen, which we think is excessive. Some places are very hospitable but I wouldn't advise people to go to certain places at this time.”

Travellers would not only be risking their necks by venturing to the country, but would also be confronted with a series of transportation barriers as all direct flights to Yemen from the UK were suspended two years ago.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen depicts the country as an off-beat travel destination, full of cultural wonders, enchanting architecture and endless, unspoilt desert-scapes. Despite the FCO's stance, the Yemen Tourism Promotion Board for the UK and Ireland is hoping to reel in travellers with a tantalising advert, which has been shown in 248 cinemas alongside the box-office hit.

In the film, Ewan McGregor is sort out by a wealthy, visionary sheik who, after falling in love with salmon fishing in Scotland, wants to introduce the sport and its enriching qualities to the Yemeni desert. The romantic comedy also stars Emily Blunt and Kristin Scott Thomas.

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 Your Comments (2)

  • 10th May by anmafu

    Editing required - Ewan McGregor is sort out?

    I loved this book, but can't believe that people cannot tell fact from fiction and know so little about the world. Sadly ignorance abounds in the UK. 

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  • 10th May by Nick Connell

    I loved this book, but can't believe that people cannot tell fact from fiction and know so little about the world. Sadly ignorance abounds in the UK. 

    Ignorance abounds in the UK? Because lots of people don't realise that there isn't much river fishing in the Yemen?!

    I assume you know everything about every country then. Forgive people for trying to find out something new about a country that they probably have never investigated before. I wish we were all as enlightened as you.

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