Elephants in Thailand (Dreamstime)

Winners of Thailand's Green Excellence Awards UK announced

7th November 2016

From turtle projects to elephant sanctuaries, we celebrate the great work being done in sustainable and green travel in Thailand. Here are the winners of 2016's Winners of Thailand's Green Excellence Awards UK

The Thailand Green Excellence Awards UK highlight Thailand's dedication to the conservation of its natural and cultural resources, and support sustainable tourism development. This year's winners are:

Nature, Marine and Heritage Tourism

Thailand is rich in natural wonders and its cultural heritage, one reason why people return again and again. We are looking for projects, organisations or other bodies, who offer the best of Thailand and in a sustainable way. It could be a conservation programme. It could be a hotel being proactive in sustainable tourism.  It could be a tour company, either local or UK-based.

Winner: Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation
Runner-up: Trash Hero

Turtle on the beach (Dreamstime)

Community Based Tourism

Community based tourism is when the tourism experience is managed and operated by the local community. The community benefits by receiving an income that can be fairly distributed, and by operating a type of tourism that helps them preserve their community and way of life. The traveller benefits too, as they can immerse themselves in local life by staying in a homestay or participating in a community-run experience. The environment can be the winner too, as this type of tourism can act as an incentive for communities to protect and preserve their naturalsurroundings. Thailand is at the forefront of this type of tourism with some fine examples. 

Winner: Andamam Discoveries
Runner-up: The Sarojin

Animal Welfare

Many visitors to Thailand relish the opportunity to interact with animals we want to highlight the very best cases of animal welfare. With this award, we want to reward those places that genuinely care about their animals, and put their welfare first. Places where the animals live in a natural, enriched and healthy environment, and where normal behaviour is allowed. 

Winner: Elephant Hills
Joint runner-up: Mahouts Elephant Foundation
Joint runner-up: Gibbon Rehabilitation Project
Commended: Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

Outstanding Contribution to Green Tourism in Thailand

It is often individuals who make a difference - whether inspiring or driving awareness and change, and making the world a better place. For this category we are looking for a remarkable individual or independent organisation that has made a significant impact on green tourism in Thailand. They can be involved in any sort of project or organisation, providing there is a link to travel, and to UK travellers. 

Winner: Trash Hero


For more details, including how the winners were picked and what the judges thought of the projects, please see

Main image: Asian elephants in Thailand (Dreamstime)

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