Penguins in Antarctica (dreamstime)

See the 'streets' of Antarctica through Google

20th July 2012

Google Street View has expanded its image library of panoramic 'street' views to include several key Antarctic landmarks, buildings and their interiors

Historic Antarctic landmarks such as the the ceremonial South Pole, South Pole telescope, Adelie Penguin Rookery and various famous expedition huts will now be visible to just about anyone, as Google has launched further panoramic 'Street View' access to high-resolution pictures from the Antarctic.

'Street view' also now allows you to explore the interior of the Crary Science Center, Shackleton's Hut, Scott's Discovery Hut and the Berg Field Center, bases for early adventurers, allowing you to follow in the polar explorers' footsteps.

Shackleton's Hut gives viewers an insight into the lifestyle and the supplies used on the early 20th century expeditions. In the photos can be seen tins of 100-year old food and medicines, while inside Scott's Discovery Hut, built in 1911, you can see his century-old wooden skis. The exterior images show the true desolation of the snowy landscape outside.

The goal is to provide scientists and travel enthusiasts everywhere with high-resolution images of the icy Continent's important historical landmarks. Google has already launched similar projects, including Brazil's Amazon rainforest, which will go live in March 2013, and Australia's Great Barrier Reef, which will go live in February 2013.

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