Guy Disney leading the expedition (Walking with the Wounded)

Prince Harry heads to the North Pole

23rd August 2011

Harry's Arctic Heroes, starting tonight at nine on BBC One, is a new two part series where the Prince joins four Afghanistan veterans on a trek to the North Pole

The expedition was run with the charity Walking with the Wounded, an organisation which aims to raise £2 million for injured servicemen and women.

Filmed over a year, the soldiers go through intense training in the UK and Norway in preparation for the Arctic expedition which would challenge and able-bodied explorer, let alone the severely wounded.

Captain Martin Hewitt, 29; Captain Guy Disney, 28; Sergeant Steve Young, 28; and Private Jaco Van Gass, 26; highlight the plight of over 1,700 servicemen who have been injured in Afghanistan since the conflict began with their amazing determination to reach the Pole.

Private Van Gass, who lost an arm, said, "We're doing this for other injured servicemen and women, to show them that something like this is possible."

Captain Disney, who has lost an ankle and calf said that his injuries weren't going to hold him back, while Sergeant Young, who was told he'd never walk again after breaking his back said, "This is a good way of putting it all behind me."

Wanderlust will publish an interview about the North Pole Expedition, with Simon Dalglish, co-founder and trustee of Walking with the Wounded, on 7th September.

Harry's Arctic Heroes starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One. Episode two airs at the same time next week on August 30th.

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