Launch of improved eco-camp in Tanzania

2nd April 2012

The Udzungwa Forest Camp has been expanded to attract a wider range of travellers to little-visited southern Tanzania

Although Udzungwa Mountains National Park is often called the 'Galápagos of Africa', it is relatively untouched by tourism due to the low standards of accommodation. However, four British researchers have renovated the Udzungwa Forest Camp, leading to a wider range of facilities to attract more travellers.

The manager of the campsite said: “They (the four Brits) started by setting up a very simple campsite and have gradually built up the camp bit by bit over the past few years – with more plans in the pipeline!"

Previously the camp was very basic and primarily used by researchers and students. Since the renovations, it houses six en-suite tents and five lodges. Lighting is powered by solar energy, building materials were sourced sustainably and the project supported local community projects throughout the construction. The showers are also powered by the sun's rays.

“Over the next few years they're planning on adding a swimming pool, some additional rooms and a new restaurant on top of the hill,” the manager added.

Wildlife in the region thrives because the area is 'off the beaten track'. There are 300 endemic animals and 800 endemic plants in Udzungwa Mountains National Park. Travellers can expect to see elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe and lion while on a game drive in the region.

The camp also has mountain biking facilities, canoeing, walking, as well as excursions to rubber plantations for those looking for more adventure.

Chris McIntyre managing director of Expert Africa said the improved lodge will open up the area: “For visitors, this improved lodge represents the first reasonable place to stay in the area, so it means that Udzungwa can entice a bigger crowd than scientists and students who don’t care where they sleep – people who are a bit more discerning, while still very adventurous."

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