This is travellers' last chance to raft the Coruh River (Jean & Nathalie)

Last chance to raft the Coruh River

3rd February 2011

Due to the construction of a dam, this year is all travellers' last chance to raft the Coruh river in Turkey

A dam is being built at the confluence of Turkey’s Coruh and Tortem rivers, meaning that this is the last year you can raft the entirety of the Coruh.

With mountain scenery, stretches of continuous whitewater and six miles of grade four rapids with names like King Kong and Indigestion, this river will be sorely missed.

Rafters claim it is one of the top three river trips in the world and has always been popular with travellers.

Hamish McMaster, from Water by Nature, a rafting tour operator said, “I am never in favour of dam construction as it is a inefficient way of power generation these days. Add to that the defacing of this gorgeous valley and the impact on the local people, makes it a real shame.”

When asked what alternatives rafters had, Hamish suggested, “the Ahansel in Morocco, the Tara in Montenegro or the Zambezi in Zambia.”

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