Tremors could be felt as far away as Hanoi, Vietnam (watchsmart)

Earthquake rocks Burma

24th March 2011

North-east Burma has been hit by a 6.8-magnitude earthquake, close to the borders with Laos and Thailand, and shaking buildings as far away as Bangkok

A powerful earthquake has struck north-eastern Burma, near the borders with Thailand and Laos, about 70 miles (110km) from the northern Thai city of Chiang Rai.

Thai police report that at least one person has been killed.

The US Geological Survey initially said the quake was a magnitude-7.0, before revising it slightly downwards to 6.8.

Tremors could be felt as far away as Bangkok, almost 500 miles (800km) south of the epicentre, and in Vietnam's capital, Hanoi - two countries away from the epicentre.

Chiang Rai sustained a little damage according to Thai television, but there were no immediate reports of damage from the Burma side.

The quake struck in a sparsely populated and remote area so communication is difficult, while Burma's military-controlled government also tightly controls information.

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