The UPAS has launched a campaign to find the ugliest animal on earth (Probiscus monkey, Image : iStock 000017647251)

Competition for the ugliest animal on earth

8th September 2013

For the first time, the Ugly Animal Preservation Society has launched a campaign to find the ugliest animal on earth

Far from the tiger cubs and cuddly pandas that are customarily the most adored members of the animal kingdom, the blobfish, proboscis monkey, or humble pubic louse hardly stand a chance.

However, with the aim to raise awareness of the more unfortunate-looking animals under threat of extinction, the UAPS are asking the general public to vote for a winner to front their campaign. Creatures such as the bug-eye Titicaca water frog, axolotl, and the kakapo parrot will all be able to bask in celebration of their unique looks in a battle to become the ugliest animal on earth. The rules of the competition have been kept simple; the animal with the most votes wins.

The long-term aim of the campaign is to encourage young people to look beyond the appearance of cute animals that usually front conservation efforts to realise there are other critters in need of help.

A number of famous names have offered their support, including Stephen Fry, who has tipped the greater short-horned lizard to take the top spot.

After a winner has been selected by voters, TV presenter Simon Watt will formally announce the result at next month's British Science Festival.

He said: “For too long the cute and fluffy animals have taken the limelight, and now hundreds of species are tragically extinct because they were painfully ugly. You can help these mingers by choosing one animal to stand-up for all the other uglies in the animal kingdom.”

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