Webcams to be installed on Egypt beaches (dreamstime_xs_9472945)

Beach webcams to entice tourists to Egypt

14th February 2013

Egypt's tourism minister plans to install webcams on popular beaches to prove their safety

Minister Hisham Zazou plans to install webcams on the country's most popular beaches in a bid to reignite the tourism industry. Home to the iconic pyramids and popular resorts on the shores of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, the country has long been a popular destination with travellers.

However, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, the number of tourists visiting the country has dropped by as many as 2 million since 2010. This decrease is due to the violent uprisings associated with the Arab Spring, and continued revolts against the current political party, the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party.

Minister Zazou plans to combat this negative perception, arguing that the presence of webcams will entice potential visitors by showing the beaches are safe: "This will give more credibility... when [tourists] see it, they will come."

Hisham Zazou is eager to convey that the violence associated with the uprisings is limited to the capital city, Cairo. According to Zazou, this 'one square kilometer in downtown Cairo' should not deter potential visitors from the other established attractions the rest of the country has on offer.

Despite the minister for tourism's plans, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office warns against travel to some areas of Egypt citing a "threat from terrorism." According to the office, a "high risk of attacks" remains, despite tight security through the country.

This isn't the first attempt to lure visitors back to the country. Last year, the Egyptian government re-opened a number of tombs, pyramids and even a section of the Avenue of Sphinxes as an attempt to encourage visitors to return.

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  • 17th February by Ehamid

    Sharm El Shiekh is no longer safe!!! I would advise NOONE to visit until the police force has taken back control of Naama Bay!!! After a good night in the club Pacha in Naama Bay myself, my brother, cousin and 2 friends from England were attacked by 30+ egyptians, my brothers head was kicked in, cousin had a shisha glass smashed on his head and needed stitches and friends were injured badly we were lucky to get away alive! The guys were shouting were Egyptian and there was no police in sight for the whole 5-10 minutes we were being attacked!!! Yes this happen on Naama bay the famous strip only a couple of guys helped stop these thugs!! The police came and put us in two taxi's to the local hospital (which we had to pay for) then another taxi to the police station where reports were taken for 4 hours!!! 

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