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News update: 16-year-old reaches North Pole

13th April 2011

UPDATED: 13/04 at 15:00 Explorer and One Young World Ambassador, Parker Liautaud, has made it to the North Pole in just four days

Parker Liautaud, a 16-year-old student and explorer, has completed his mission to ski to the North Pole in just four days. He is one of the youngest people ever to complete the 112km expedition.

Parker and team-mate Doug Stoup, completed the journey this morning, a shocking one week earlier than expected.

The Etonian student is a One Young World Ambassador and undertook this adventure in an attempt to raise awareness of climate change.

Kate Robertson, co-founder of One Young World said: “We are proud that Parker has achieved his mission to be one of the youngest people to ever reach the North Pole and has done so in astonishing time. His story is one that will inspire the next-generation of One Young World ambassadors.” 

April 6, 2011: 16-year-old to ski to the North Pole

Parker Liautaud, a student at prestigious private school, Eton, has officially begun his expedition, setting off from Svalbard, Norway on his mission to reach the North Pole.

The young expeditioner will ski across 110km of snow and ice, braving temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius to reach the North Pole. He is set to carry out various scientific experiments and including collecting ice thickness measurements, as part of climate change research.

Liautaud has stressed how important concentration will be on his journey, "The Arctic Ocean is the only environment in the world that requires constant focus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and every minute of it – one slip-up and I can find myself submerged in 11F water, or underneath a heavy sled. iPods are out of the question."

A previous attempt was made by the adventurer to reach the North Pole, although blogging last night, Parker vowed not to think of it, “Getting agonisingly close to my goal last year is not helping my nerves, but not even that will be on my mind by the time I start hauling my 115 pound sled.” His previous attempt at reaching the North Pole last year was scuppered by melting ice.

Liautaud is skiing to the North Pole in support of the One Young World resolution on the environment. The campaign calls for international legislative action to ensure carbon emissions reduction targets are both agree and met by 2020.

As an One Young World ambassador Parker also wants to inform and engage other young people on the environmental issues facing the polar regions.

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