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Seat in reeds (Biggles Springfeldt)

A very personal tour of Stockholm

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6th April 2013

Christian 'Krippa' Springfeldt, reveals the most stunning corners of his beloved city

1. Come sail with me

If you are lucky, and I have the time, a slow tour in my 80-year-old wooden boat Cognac, around some of the islands, is probably the most fantastic way to see Stockholm.

Call me when you are here. You bring the beers and maybe something can be arranged ...?

2. The best chicken sandwich in Stockholm

The best secret restaurant in town is Babs. The place is hidden behind the foyer of a cinema. Everything they serve here, both food and cocktails, is delicious but the super-sized chicken sandwich is worth dying for.

Babs Bar, BirgerJarlsgatan 37

3. Get a pair of the world's coolest trainers

If you need a pair of nice, cheeky everyday shoes with an attitude, without signalling that you are an accountant, athlete, design geek or outdoor type, the place to find them is at Claes Göran Skor at Odengatan 62. It is a new Swedish shoe brand, established only a few weeks ago. Not only are the sneakers lovely, but the staff are too.

Claes Göran, Odengatan 62

4. Indulge the whole gang

This place is not cheap. The price is more like staying in a hotel. But if you are a group of friends travelling together and sharing the costs, there is no better way to explore Stockholm, and to feel like a local, then to stay in this private home. Eat breakfast on one of two 20-metre long balconies with the entire city at your feet. The views are breathtaking.

More information

5. Take a dip

The water in and around Stockholm is clean. It's full of salmon and the drinking-water in our taps comes from the Lake Mälaren a few miles from town. The most central beach is at Långholmen. To take a swim there, with the City Hall in the background, is a must while visiting Stockholm. Maybe not now... but on a warm and bright summer night.

Nearest subway station: Hornstull. Then a five-minute walk.

Christian "Krippa" Springfeldt lives in central Stockholm where he runs StockholmCityRental with wife Biggles. They provide short-term rentals of the most interesting and beautiful homes in Stockholm and organise tailor-made "tours" to places in the fashion, art, design and music scenes of Stockholm.

For more information, visit their website.

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